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RRD4 Harboth's Orc Archers

Sculpted by Kev Adams and released in June 1987. There are 4 "official" troopers shown in the catalogues, but several variations of each pose also appeared in the Orc Warriors and Orc Archers ranges, and were shown in the picture on the back of the box, so they may have been included inside as well.

The Story of Harboth's Orc Archers

"Oy, boss"


"Bin ter see Notlob, like you said,"


"An' I sez you sez if 'e don't find some stunties we eat 'is boys,"


"So 'e sez 'e's goin' 'untin' stunty,"

"Do wot?"

"E's packin' 'is spearchuckers, an' movin' out. Goin' ter 'unt some stunties, 'e sez,"


"E's packin'..."


"But I woz only...OW!"

"Get packin'..."


"You 'eard, Finks 'e can leave ud behind, duz 'e? We'll show 'im!"

...And so it was that Harboth's Black Mountain Boys moved out of the Black Fire Pass to terrorise the lands beyond. The uneasy partnership between the Black Mountain Boys and Notlob's bolt-thrower crews was dissolved, over a trivial misunderstanding due to the limited nature of the Orcish language. The Orcish Word for moving out can also mean deserting, running away or soiling one's underwear...

Equipment - Impressed by Notlob's missile weapons, the Black Mountain Boys armed themselves with bows in addition to the normal Dwarf Tickler and mail coat.

Battlecry -

The earlier battlecry of 'Pulp the Stunties' is still used, as well as various chants about Notlob, his attitude to danger and the state of his underwear.

Deeds - At the Battle of Bauer's Farm the Black Mountain Boys were mauled by a force including the 17th (Bafon Olaf's Own) Regiment of Foot and a contingent of the Stirland Free Foresters. Following this setback, they crossed into the Border Princes in search of easier pickings

Uniforms - Their uniforms are generally ragged cast-offs obtained from past victims of approximately the right size.

Shields - From the shields of the adventurers met (and subsequently eaten) by Harboth, the Black Mountain Boys discovered the concept of pictoral art, and now their shields are painted with the faces of particularly noteworthy victims.

Profiles - 2nd edition

Harboth - Orc Major Hero466453539799100.5
Yaskin Forit - Orc Champion4444413175779.75
Extra for standard 33.75
Extra for drummer 13.5

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