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RR14 - Notlob's Orcish Bolt Throwing Engines

Designed by Alan and Michael Perry and released in January 1985,

The Story of Notlob

For many years the only route over the Black Mountains was dominated by an Orcish settlement run by Harboth -an Orc of great size and strength. Many battles were fought within this mountain pass, the Black Fire Paw, and many heroes emerged on both sides. Dwarfs and men tried desperately to destroy the Orcs, and the Orcs in turn responded by strengthening their defences and enacting countless revenge raids on human farmsteads.

Notlob was already famous amongst his kind when he arrived at the Black Fire Pass. Had he not invented many fiendish engines of war and instruments of torture? Had he not designed and commanded the War Engines that battered down the walls of half the cities in the Badlands? No. Notlob was to apply his creative genius to designing new engines for the defence of the pass.

The Men and Dwarfs didn't know what had hit them when their next assault foundered under a driving storm of huge bolts - as large as spears and capable of piercing straight through even the toughest Dwarf armour. Further assaults proved equally fruitless, and eventually the Orcs were left alone, to continue their age-old trades of murdering travelers and plundering merchant convoys.

Notlob himself is an Orc Major Hero. He is also an extraordinary engineer, and counts as a full crew of 3 when firing a war-engine. In addition, any other engine in his unit can +1 to their normal 'to hit' score with war engines.

Equipment - Bolt Throwing Engines

Battlecry - Due to the nature of their weaponry these Orcs do not employ a battlecry as such although they will happily enter hand to hand combat, screaming, yelling and gesticulating in the usual Orcish fashion. However, unusually for Orcs, many of Notlob's crewmen can write a few words. They employ this talent to enscribe various slogans along their missiles, including such erudite witticisms as, 'Notlob does it from 300 feet' and 'Chew on this Stuntie'.

Deeds - The Black Fire Pass conflict was to earn Notlob a reputation amongst Human and Dwarf kind. However, he always considered the invention of the 'Happy Halfling Mangling Rod and Head Press' to have been his greatest achievement.

Uniforms - Orcs do not wear uniforms. They despise uniformity and prefer to individualise all their clothing by applying a good layer of filth. They have a similar attitude to their war engines, and take great delight in giving them names and painting slogans on them. Many Orcs even keep a record of their kills on their engines, together with the names of battles and campaigns in which they have fought.

Profiles - 2nd edition

Orc Major Hero
Orc Crew4333412175775.25
Engine = +50

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