Valley of the Four Winds

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The Witches

VFW1 King of the Pixies
VFW2 Three Pixies Running Rope, Glaive
VFW3 Pixie Catapult & Two Crew
VFW4 Two Noble Pixies
VFW5 Noble Pixie with Sword
VFW6 Three Pixies Bow, Axe, Sword
VFW7 Three Pixies Spear, Sword, Knife
VFW8 Three Pixies Spear, Knife, Spore Stick
VFW9 Forest Orc, Leader with Scimitar
VFW10 Forest Orc, with Spear
VFW11 Forest Orc, with Double Headed Axe
VFW12 Forest Orc, with Spiked Club
VFW13 Forest Orc, with Cat o' Nine Tails
VFW14 Small Winged Fairy Standing on Tree
VFW15 Pixie Rider for Rat (Bow)
VFW16 Pixie Rider for Rat (Long Spear)
VFW17 Pixie Rider for Rat (Short Spear)
VFW18 Giant Stag Beetle
VFW19 Armoured Woodlouse
VFW20 Giant Rat, Running
VFW21 Giant Spider with Hairy Legs
VFW22 Evil Witch of the North
VFW23 Mother Sulphur
VFW24 Tree with Arms and Face
VFW25 Witches Kitchen Fireplace (2 pcs.)
VFW26 Witches Cauldron Stood over Fire
VFW27 Circle with Skull and Jugs
VFW28 Wizard of the Woods
VFW29 Old Witch Holding a Rat
VFW30 Gondemar, King of the Dwarfs
VFW31 Gondemarian Dwarf with Fire Beacon
VFW32 Cannon Firing Spears (2 pcs.)
VFW33 Gondemarians Firing Cannon (2 figs)
VFW34 Gondemarian with Flail
VFW35 Gondemarian with Multi-Bladed Spear
VFW36 Gondemarian Firing Burning Arrows
VFW37 Gondemarian Throwing Net Trap
VFW38 Gondemarian with Large Lantern
VFW39 Gondemarian with Spiked Club

The Living Dead

VFW40 The Great Bell & Tower (8pcs + wheels)
VFW41 Hanging Tree Pole & Bodies (4 pcs.)
VFW42 Cart full of Skulls and Bones
VFW43 Winged Demon Attacking Girl (2 figs)
VFW44 Two Skeletons Pushing Spiked Tow-bar
VFW45 Skeleton Pushing against Wheel
VFW46 Skeletons Pulling Bell Rope
VFW47 Skeletons Pulling Bell Rope
VFW48 Winged Devil
VFW49 Spectre
VFW50 Beelzebub in Goat Head Form
VFW51 Skeleton Priest, Robed/Cross Standard
VFW52 Skeleton Priest, Robed/Skull Standard
VFW53 Skeleton Monk, Robed/Horse Skull Standard
VFW54 Skeleton Monk, Robed/Pointing
VFW55 Skeleton with Spear
VFW56 Skeleton with Sword
VFW57 Skeleton with Serrated Spear
VFW58 Skeleton with Sweeping Axe
VFW59 Skeleton with Scythe
VFW60 Skeleton Attacking with Scythe
VFW61 Skeleton Attacking with Spear
VFW62 Skeleton Attacking with Sword
VFW63 Skeleton in Cloak, Throwing Spear
VFW64 Skeleton with Fire Beacon
VFW65 Skeleton with Trumpet
VFW66 Skeleton with Horse Skull Drum
VFW67 Skeleton Horse Rider with Spear
VFW68 Skeleton Horse Rider with Sword
VFW69 Skeleton Horse Rider with Scythe
VFW70 Skeleton Driver of Carts
VFWH1 Skeleton Horse (for Riders or Cart)

The Good People

VFW71 The King of the Good People
VFW72 Hero
VFW 72A Hero with Dragon Slayer Sword
VFW73 Wind Demon & Ornate Chariot (7pcs.)
VFW74 Guard with Halberd
VFW75 Guard Officer
VFW76 Guard with Standard
VFW77 Guard with Long Spear
VFW78 Heavy Infantry with Spear, Advancing
VFW79 Heavy Infantry, Spear Upright
VFW80 Civilian with Drum
VFW81 Body Speared on Tree
VFW82 Soldier Officer
VFW83 Soldier with Spear
VFW84 Soldier with Sword
VFW85 Soldier with Axe
VFW86 Civilian with Fire Beacon
VFW87 Civilian with Pitchfork, Attacking
VFW88 Civilian with Spear, Attacking
VFW89 Civilian with Flaming Staff
VFW90 Cavalry Soldier Officer, Mounted
VFW91 Cavalry Officer with Sword, Mounted
VFW92 Cavalry Soldier with Spear, Mounted
(Use A27 Half-Armoured Horse
or A37 Fully Armoured Horse for Cavalry)

The Grand Wizard

VFW93 Wizard Rising on a Spiral
VFW94 Large Head on Legs
VFW95 Walking Mouth
VFW96 Spiked Two-legged cat
VFW97 Joker Mounted on Beastliness (2 pcs.)
VFW98 Cock o' Doom & Faceless Rider (2 pcs.)
VFW99 Shouting Head on Arms
VFW100 Old Woman changing into Fire

The Swamp Lords

VFW101 Swamp Lord Advancing with Spear
VFW102 Swamp Lord with Spear Upright
VFW103 Swamp Lord Advancing with Trident
VFW104 Swamp Lord with Trident
VFW105 Swamp Lord with Whip
VFW106 Swamp Lord with Net & Whip
VFW107 Swamp Lord with Axe & Victim (2 figs)
VFW108 Swamp Lord with Head Shaped Bowl
VFW109 Swamp Lord with Victim (2 figs)
VFW110 Lord of the Swamps, Altar
VFW111 Throne Litter/Lord of the Swamps
VFW112 Throne Litter Bearers (4 figs)
VFW113 Swamp Lord Standard Bearer
VFW114 Swamp Lord with Horse Skull Beacon

VFW 118 Skeleton Carrying Wine barrel
VFW 119 Skeleton Carrying Basket of Skulls
VFW 120 Skeleton with Lantern
VFW 121 Skeleton with Skull Cap & Spear
VFW 122 Skeleton with Cuirass & Sword

VFW 123 Pursio the Dwarf 0
VFW 124 Rhys the Bard with Sword/Lute 1
VFW 125 Anvar
VFW 126 Madoc
VFW 127 Gorwin Bowman
VFW 128 Caspar Bowman
VFW 131 Traveller with Haversack & Staff
VFW 132 Traveller with Sacks

VFW 133 Skeleton with Crossbow
VFW 134 Skeleton with Longbow

Large Monsters & Accessories

VFWM1 Dragon (2 pcs.)
VFWM2 Phterrorgull (3 pcs.)
VFWM3 Swamp Lizard
VFWM4 Coffin, Plain with Skeleton (3 pcs.)
VFWM5 Giant Man Trapped in Coffin with Rats (2 pcs.)
VFWM6 Spiked Fire Wheel (Rolling Weapon)
VFWM7 Treasure Chest (2 pcs.)
VFWM8 Giant Hand
VFWM9 Forest Monster
VFWM10 Wheel of Torture
VFWM11 Satan


VFWSET1 Four Civilian Victims
VFWSET2 Four Slave Cart Pullers
VFWSET3 Four Young Witches Dancing Naked
VFWSET4 The Hunter and His Hounds
VFWSET5 Four Monk Spirits
VFWSET6 Gold Booty (Coins, Gold Bars, Vases, Jugs)
VFWSET7 Man Eating Plants
VFWSET8 Set of Weapons (Axes, Picks, Spears, Etc.)
VFWSET9 Table & Chairs
VFWSET10 Set of Witches Items (Cat, Toads, Birds, Bats
VFW Set 12 Coffin/Lid & Mummy
VFW Set 13 Skeleton Coffin Carriers (4 figures)
VFW Set 14 Coffin with Skeleton Corpse
VFW Set 15 Giant Man Trapped in Coffin with Rats
VFW Set 17 Treasure Chest and Booty

Lists: Courtesy of Orclord, David Wood, Nick Whittock
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