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These are the UK codes (as stamped on the bases), for the US codes see: Larry Elliott's DD list

DWF - Dwarves

DWF1 Dwarf with Ox-Tongued Partizan
DWF2 Dwarf swinging One-Handed Pick
DWF3 Dwarf firing Light Crossbow
DWF4 Dwarf with Handaxe
DWF5 Dwarf swinging Two-Handed Axe
DWF6 Dwarf with Spear
DWF7 Dwarf with Flanged Mace
DWF8 Dwarf swinging Military Pick
DWF9 Dwarf firing Heavy Crossbow
DWF10 Dwarf with Two-Handed Axe
DWF11 Dwarf King holding Rod
DWF12 Dwarf blowing Warhorn
DWF13 Dwarf Noble with Two-Headed Mattock
DWF14 Dwarf Guard with Bec-de-Corbin

D&D Demons

DD1 Demogorgon, Prince of Demons
DD2 Type II Demon
DD3 Type III Demon
DD4 Type IV Demon
DD5 Balrog (Type VI)
DD6 Type V Demon
DD7 Orcus, Prince of Demons
DD8 Succubus

ELF - Elves

ELF1 High Elf with Long Spear
ELF2 High Elf thrusting with Long Spear
ELF3 High Elf firing Bow
ELF4 High Elf attacking with Sword
ELF5 High Elf with Two-Handed Sword
ELF6 Wood Elf advancing with Bow
ELF7 Wood Elf firing Bow
ELF8 Wood Elf attacking with Sword
ELF9 Wood Elf with Short Spear
ELF10 Wood Elf with Short Spear
ELF11 High Elf King
ELF12 Wood Elf King
ELF13 High Elf Noble
ELF14 High Elf Guardsman

GNM - Gnomes

GNM1 2 Gnomes with Swords
GNM2 2 Gnomes firing Bows
GNM3 2 Gnomes with Slings and Targets
GNM4 2 Gnomes with Spears
GNM5 2 Gnomes with Clubs

GNL - Gnolls

GNL1 Chieftain with Broadaxe
GNL2 Guard with Two-Handed Sword
GNL3 Gnoll with Glaive-Fauchard
GNL4 Gnoll firing Bow
GNL5 Gnoll with Bill-Guisarme
GNL6 Gnoll with Morning Star
GNL7 Gnoll with Guisarme-Voulge
GNL8 Gnoll with Sword and Broadaxe

GOB - Goblins

GOB1 Goblin whirling Sling
GOB2 Goblin with Voulge-Type Spear
GOB3 Goblin with Short Spear
GOB4 Goblin with swinging Morning Star
GOB5 Goblin with Military Pick

HOB - Hobbits

HOB1 2 Hobbits with Slings
HOB2 2 Hobbits with Bows
HOB3 2 Hobbits with Swords
HOB4 2 Hobbits with Spears
HOB5 2 Hobbits with Hand-Axes

HBG - Hobgoblin

HBG1 Sergeant with Military Fork
HBG2 Hobgoblin with Partizan
HBG3 Hobgoblin with Spetum
HBG4 Hobgoblin with Glaive Guisarme
HBG5 Hobgoblin with Spiked-Tipped Guisarme
HBG6 Hobgoblin hurling Spear
HBG7 Hobgoblin firing Horn Bow
HBG8 Hobgoblin with Barbed Whip
HBG9 Hobgoblin with Scimitar
HBG10 Hobgoblin with Spiked Mace
HBG11 Hobgoblin marching with Banner
HBG12 Chieftain with Mace
HBG13 Sub-Chief with Kris-Bladed Sword
HBG14 Guardsman with Bardische

ORC - Orcs

ORC1 Orc with Guisarme
ORC2 Orc with Fauchard
ORC3 Orc with Kris-Bladed Spear
ORC4 Orc with Halberd
ORC5 Orc with Serrated Crescent
ORC6 Orc hurling Spear
ORC7 Orc firing Bow
ORC8 Orc with Crossbow
ORC9 Orc with Tulwar
ORC10 Orc with Piercing Axe
ORC11 Chieftain with Spiked Flail
ORC12 Sub-Chief with Piercing Axe
ORC13 Sub-Chief with Broad-Bladed Axe
ORC14 Standard Bearer

KL - Kobolds

KL1 2 Kobolds with Short Javelins
KL2 2 Kobolds with Spiked Maces
KL3 2 Kobolds with Axes
KL4 2 Kobolds with Swords
KL5 2 Kobolds with Glaive-Headed Spears

Evil Clerics **

ECL1 Evil Cleric Elder on Foot
ECL2 Evil Cleric Elder, Rider
ECL3 Evil Cleric on Foot, Indian Type
ECL4 Evil Cleric Rider, Indian Type
ECL5 Evil Cleric on Foot, Sphinx Dress
ECL6 Evil Cleric Rider, Sphinx Dress
ECL7 Evil Cleric on Foot, Skull Helmet
ECL8 Evil Cleric Rider, Skull Helmet

Female Elves **

FEL1 Female Elf Magic User on Foot
FEL2 Female Elf Magic User, Rider
FEL3 Female Elf Princess/Magic User on Foot
FEL4 Female Elf Princess/Magic User, Rider
FEL5 Female Elf Thief on Foot
FEL6 Female Elf Thief, Rider
FEL7 Female Elf Fighter
FEL8 Female Elf Fighter, Rider

Ogres **

OGR1 Ogre Chieftain with Axe
OGR2 Ogre with Spear & Stone Axe
OGR3 Ogre with Glaive-Headed Spear
OGR4 Ogre with Morning Star & Spiked Club


TRL1 Troll Attacking
TRL2 Troll Advancing

Ogre Magi - Japanese Ogres

OGM1 Ogre Magi Chieftan w. Katana
OGM2 Ogre Magi w. Ceremonial Naginata
OGM3 Ogre Magi w. Sabre-Headed Naginatai
OGM4 Ogre Magi w. Cross-Guarded Spear

** Not all this range were issued.
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