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This is a collaboration, Tom Pope and Orclord are the co-ordinators but not controllers of the project. We welcome contributions and help from all and sundry.

We're looking to add lists and images for any range or item that we don't have on the site. In many cases we just haven't had the time to scan/OCR/photograph/capture or whatever the item. In other cases we don't even know it exists. And we'd like the best versions possible, if you think your example is a better paintjob, let us know. At this point conversions aren't applicable, although we'd be glad to add a link to your gallery.

How you can help:

If you have a large collection of older miniatures, or old lists and catalogs email one of the coordinators telling us what you have. If you have access to a scanner or digital camera then we'll get you to email/ftp the results, which we'll then edit and put on the relevant site. If you don't have such equipment we'll work something out. Please don't email stuff without warning, our modem lines will choke.

We're also looking for coordinators to tackle some of the bigger outstanding manufacturers. If you have time to work on the open lines, let us know. Target, Heartbreaker, WOTC are in need of coverage!


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Tips and Techniques

We're looking for 24 or better bit color at 150 dpi. (8 bit grey-scale) compressed Tiffs or high res Jpgs preferred. Line art is acceptable at 1 bit. We'd like to put most 25mm figures up as (well) painted examples at 200% size. Larger pieces will be reduced to keep their storage/download times reasonable. However as both storage and bandwidth will get cheaper we'd like to keep a high quality, actual size original on file so that we can upgrade the images as web technology advances.

To scan your figures get a block to mount them on. If this is black or an easily identifiable color it is easier to remove it in photo editing. Place the block on the scanner glass. Use poster putty to pose the miniature(s) and experiment to find where your scanner gives the best focus. Place a light blue cardboard or paper sheet over them. Scan the miniature adjusting for highlights and shadows as relevant. Save as jpg.

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