Traveller - Box 5: Aliens.

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1 Vargr Noble/Merchant with Gauss Rifle
2 Vargr Officer with Auto Pistol
3 Vargr Officer with Laser Carbine
4 Vargr Crewman with Repair Gear
5 Vargr Crewman with Snub Pistol
6 Vargr NCO with Gauss Rifle
7 Vargr Trooper with Gauss Rifle
8 Vargr Trooper with PGMP? 12
9 Aslan Trader/Elder with Auto Pistol
10 Aslan Captain with Hand Computer
11 Aslan Officer with Snub Pistol
12 Aslan Crewman with Snub Pistol
13 Aslan Crewman with Cutlass and Communicator
14 Aslan Trooper with Accelerator Rifle
15 Aslan Trooper with PGMP?12
16 Droyne Leader with Auto Pistol and Foil
17 Droyne Warrior with Disintegrator Pistol
18 Droyne Technician with Hand Computer
19 Droyne Worker/Drone /Sport with Laser Rifle
20 Droyne Worker/Drone / Sport with Dagger

Scan courtesy of James Humphries of the Virtual Alchemist
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