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Traveller - Box 4: Citizens

1 Uniformed Official with Communicator
2 Uniformed Official with Auto Pistol
3 Uniformed Official with SubMachine Gun
4 Nobleman with Foil
5 Lady in Evening Wear
6 Merchant of Substance with Snub Pistol
7 Young Lady of Good Repute with Dagger
8 Male Citizen with Blade
9 Female Citizen with Auto Pistol
10 Businessman with Hand Computer
11 Receptionist with Communicator
12 Colonist with Assault Rifle
13 Female Colonist with Body Pistol
14 Con Artist with Suitcase
15 Thug/Bouncer with Auto Pistol
16 Thug/Bouncer with Shotgun
17 Assassin with Grav Belt and Snub Pistol
18 Beggar/Thief with Dagger
19 Security Robot with User Arm
20 Android Female Companion

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