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Talisman (1st & 2nd Edition)

The first edition of Talisman was released at Games Day in 1983, the second edition added colour and was released in 1985. Several expansions followed between Talisman Expansion in 1985 and Talisman Dragons in 1993. In 1986 Citadel released miniatures to replace the counters enclosed in the game.

The numbering of these sets varied across the years, being presented in individual blisters, multiple figure blisters with at least two numbering schemes and also in blister boxes that matched the Talisman sets. To see a picture of any of the miniatures look at either the Timescape Miniatures sheet or the blister box contents.

Initial Releases - Multiple Figure Blisters
TL1 Warrior, Assassin, Monk
TL2 Wizard, Minstrel, Druid
TL3 Thief, Dwarf, Prophetess
TL4 Priest, Elf, Sorceress
TL5 Troll, Ghoul
Talisman Expansion
TL6 Hobgoblin, Satyr, Toad
TL7 Necromancer, Amazon, Rogue
TL8 Knight, Merchant, Halfling
TL9 Barbarian, Philosopher, Pilgrim
TL10 Ranger, Gladiator, Leprecaun
Talisman Adventure
TL11 Centaur, Witch Doctor, Samurai, Woodsman
TL12 Orc, Ninja, Soldier, Chaos Warrior
Talisman Dungeon
Presumably the earlier codes had been repackaged.
TL10 Conjurer, Dark Elf, Martial Artist, Gypsy, Zulu
TL11 Highlander, Inquisitor, Saracen, Scout, Spy
TL12 Pirate, Sprite, Swashbuckler, Swordsman, Armoured Toad
Talisman Timescape
TL13: Space Pirate, Astropath, Astronaut, Chainsaw Warrior
TL14: Cyborg, Tech, Archaeologist, Space Marine
Individual Blisters
TL1 Warrior
TL2 Assassin
TL3 Monk
TL4 Wizard
TL5 Minstrel
TL6 Druid
TL7 Thief
TL8 Dwarf
TL9 Prophetess
TL10 Priest
TL11 Elf
TL12 Sorceress
TL13 Troll
TL14 Ghoul
Multiple Figure Blisters
2201 Satyr, Prophetess, Wizard, Philosopher
2202 Dwarf, Sorceress, Knight, Centaur
2203 Gladiator, Leprechaun, Troll, Toad
2204 Druid, Elf, Assassin, Rogue, Halfling
2205 Thief, Barbarian, Ninja, Toad, Hobgoblin
2206 Ghoul, Orc, Woodsman, Toad, Amazon
2207 Ranger, Priest, Monk, Merchant, Pilgrim
2208 Necromancer, Minstrel, Witch Doctor
2209 Chaos Warrior, Samurai, Warrior, Toad
2210 Scout, Highlander, Inquisitor, Spy, Saracen
2211 Warrior Monk, Zulu, Conjurer, Dark Elf
2212 Sprite, Pirate, Swordsman, Swashbuckler
2213 Astropath, Chainsaw Warrior, Astronaut, Space Pirate
2214 Cyborg, Space Marine, Archaelogist, Scientist
Blister Boxed Miniatures:
74859 Talisman Set (Assassin, Druid, Dwarf, Elf, Ghoul, Minstrel, Monk, Priest, Prophetess, Sorceress, Thief, Troll, Warrior, Wizard)
74861 Expansion Set (Amazon, Barbarian, Gladiator, Halfling, Hobgoblin, Knight, Leprechaun, Merchant, Necromancer, Philosopher, Pilgrim, Ranger, Rogue, Satyr)
74873 Adventure Set (Centaur, Ninja, Orc, Samurai, Soldier, Warrior of Chaos, Witch Doctor, Woodsman)
74885 Dungeon Set (Conjurer, Dark Elf, Inquisitor, Gypsy, Highlander, Martial Artist, Pirate, Saracen, Scout, Sprite, Spy, Swashbuckler, Swordsman, Zulu )
74898 Timescape Set (Archeologist, Astronaut, Astropath, Chainsaw Warrior, Cyborg, Scientist, Space Marine, Space Pirate.)
No official City or Dragons miniatures were released
Talisman City (Minotaur, Valkyrie. Specials: High Mage, King's Champion, Master Thief, Sheriff.)
Talisman Dragons (Dragon Priest, Dragonrider, Dragon Slayer, Questing Knight.)

Painted miniatures from the Talisman, Expansion and Adventure sets

Talisman Timescape Miniatures Sheet (Pictures of all standard Talisman Miniatures from the Timescape Box) ) Large (98k)!

There are also a number of alternate figures that were substituted for the originals (those that match the cards in the box). These are:
Chaos Warrior
Shaman (Witch Doctor)
There are 5 Toads:
Plain Toad
Warrior Toad (with Helmet)
Ranger Toad (in Floppy Hat)
Wizard Toad (Feather and Spell Book)
Pirate Toad

Talisman (3rd Edition)

The 3rd edition of Talisman set of plastic miniatures.

Talisman 3rd Ed: Box: Barbarian, Dwarf Warrior, Goblin Fanatic, Knight Templar, Minotaur, Ranger, Skaven, Swashbuckler, Warrior, Wizard, Wood Elf

Dungeon of Doom: Beastman, Chaos Warrior, Druid, Fire Wizard, High Priest, Shaman

City of Adventure: Assassin, Black Orc, Chaos Dwarf, Dragonslayer, Halfling, Witch Elf

Dragons's Tower: Alchemist, Astronomer, Chaos Sorcerer, Sorcerer

Talisman 3rd Ed Box
Dwarf Warrior
Goblin Fanatic
Knight Templar
Wood Elf
Dungeon of Doom
Chaos Warrior
Fire Wizard
High Priest
City of Adventure
Black Orc
Chaos Dwarf
Witch Elf
Dragons's Tower
Chaos Sorcerer

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