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These codes were revised very shortly after launch, original RTOx codes became RTxxx. In 1988 all these codes became numeric as is shown in the 1988 catalog. many of the were then re-numbered in the 1991 catalog.


First Releases
First 40k Releases
C100 - Space Marines
C100 - Chainsaw Warriors
Early Codes
RTO1 - Space Marines (wd93)
RTO2 - Space Orks (wd93)
RTO3 - Space Dwarfs (wd94)
RTO4 - Space Elfs (wd94)
RTO5 - Imperial Army (wd96)
RTO6 - Marine Heavy Weapon (Multi-Melta)
RT7 - Mercenaries (wd95)
RT7 - Dreadnought Armour (wd95)
Space Marines
RTO1 - Space Marines (wd93)
RT101 - Imperial Space Marines (wd99)
RT101 - Imperial Space Marines (wd100)
RT103 - Marine Heavy Weapons (wd102)
RT105 - Imperial Commander (wd98)
RT106 - Vincent Black Shadow (wd99)
RT106 - Medic on Bike (wd102)
RT107 - Rhino Crew Marines (wd103)
RT108 - Imperial Robots (wd104)
4106 - Space Marine Chaplains (wd108)
Space Orks
RTO2 - Space Orks
RT202 - Ork Command Group (wd97)
RT204 - Ork Dreadnought (wd99)
RT205 - Ork Battle Buggy (wd98)
RT206 - Ork Dreadnought Expansion (wd99)
RT207 - Ork Heavy Weapons (wd100)
RT - Space Orks (wd106)
Space Dwarfs
RTO3 - Space Dwarfs (wd94)
RT302 - Space Dwarf Command (wd97)
RT303 - Space Dwarf Heavy Weapons (wd97)
RT304 - Squat Thudd Gun (wd101)
RT305 - Squat Bikes (wd103)
Space Elfs
RTO4 - Space Elfs (wd94)
RT401 - Space Elfs (BotA)
RT402 - Space Elf Command (wd99)
RT403 - Eldar Dreadnought (wd100)
RT403 - Eldar War Robot (wd101)
RT403 - Eldar War Walker (wd102)
RT404 - Eldar D-Cannon (wd99)
RT404 - Eldar Artillery (wd103)
4306 - Eldar Jet Bike (wd106)
4306 - Harlequin Jet Bike (wd107)
4306 - Harlequins (wd107)
Imperial Army
RTO5 - Imperial Army (wd96)
RT501 - Imperial Army 1 (wd98)
RT501 - Imperial Army 2 (wd98)
RT502 - Imperial Heavy Weapons (wd102)
RT502 - Mercenaries (wd95)
RT503 - Imperial Landspeeder (wd101)
RT505 - Imperial Rapier (wd100)
RT509 - Guards on Motorbikes
4010 - Imperial Guard Commisars (wd109)
4010 - Imperial Guard (wd109)
RT601 - Adventurers (wd99)
RT601 - Pirates (wd103)
RT602 - Ambull (wd99)
RT701 - Medics
IC301 - Iron Claw Space Pirates (wd99)
IC501 - Iron Claw Squats (wd100)
IC2003 - Jump Troopers

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