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RRD6 Prince Ulther's Dragon Company

Sculpted by Alan and Michael Perry and released in November 1987.

The Story of Prince Ulther son of Ulfar of Karak-Ungor

King Ulfar Stonehammer of Karak-Ungor lay dying. Relatives and retainers were gathered round his bed with its four dragon-topped posts, chewing their beards in grief.

"Where is my son?" croaked the king, "Let him come to me." A servant slipped out of the royal bedchamber and hurried to the Prince's apartments. After a few minutes, Prince Ulther son of Ulfar entered the chamber, whistling cheerfully.

"Hello, father," he said, "Still here, then?"

"Well, that's nice," gasped the king, "What about a bit of grief?" The Prince scratched his beard. "Of course I'll miss you and all that," he said, "But then, I am going to be king when you've hung up your hammer. Will mixed feelings do?" The king raised his dimming eyes to the ceiling ."Come closer," he wheezed, "There are some things I must tell you before I die." The Prince approached the four-poster hopefully, as did the court scribe, quill in hand.

"My son," croaked the king, "I leave you the rulership of Karak-Ungor" - there was an uncomfortable shuffling among the king's retainers at this point - "And I leave you my war-axe, with the dragon-etched blade..."

"Not the hammer?" interrupted the Prince, a little peevishly.

"Watch it or you won't get the axe."


"That's better. And along with the axe, I leave you a duty. Years ago, I swore that I would never rest until the blight of Chaos was cut out from our race, and the Chaos Dwarfs were no more. I pass that oath on to you. I also pass on to you my oath to exterminate the Goblins and their foul kin. You shall form a warband from the very cream of our race, and take it out to destroy these two enemies. You shall not rest until you have completed your task, nor shall you return to Karak-Ungor, which will be ruled in your absence by my Chancellor, Gorm the Wise..."

The king was interrupted at this point by a collective sigh from his retainers, some of whom openly started shaking hands. They were quelled by a stern glance fom the king, who carried on with his death-speech as the scribe wrote furiously. "You shall be called the Dragon Company." he continued, "Take for your standard a dragon-carved post from your father's deathbed..."


"Not now !" spluttered the king, from beneath the fallen canopy of his bed, "Oh, what's the use?" And with that, he died.

Battlecry - "A dragon! A Dragon!".

Deeds - King Ulther son of Ulfar of Karak-Ungor settled quickly into the responsibilities of command, despite the doubts expressed openly by some of his father's retainers. The Dragon Company's most notable exploit was the raising of the siege of Karak-Gromni, when half the attacking Goblins turned to flight on hearing the Company's battle-cry. Historians are divided over whether this was due to the Dragon Company's fearsome reputation, or whether they thought a real dragon was coming.

Uniforms - Troopers have a dragon design on their belt-buckles, picked out in gold. Surcoats are red.

Shields - The shield design is a stylised dragon in green and gold, on a red background.

Equipment - Chain mail and a shield (AST 5-6), a hand axe, two pistols and a dagger. The standard bearer and musician do not carry axes.

Special rule - The Dragon Company is subject to frenzy when fighting Chaos Dwarfs.


King Ulther son of Ulfar of Karak-Ungor
Dwarf Minor Hero
Equipment: chain mail and a shield (AST 6 fighting two-handed, 5-6 otherwise), two pistols and a two-handed axe.
Borri Forkbeard,
Dwarf Champion
Equipment chain mail and a shield (AST 6 fightinh two-handed, 5-6 otherwise), a two-handed axe-hammer, a pistol and a dagger.

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