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RRD4 Skarloc's Wood Elf Archers

Sculpted by Jes Goodwin and released in July 1987. The most elaborate of the eighties Regiments of Renown, 4 command, including a Standard Bearer / Wizard and Wardancer / Champion, together with 8 different troopers.

The Story of Skarloc's Wood Elf Archers

The sun had barely risen as the group of Elves made their way through the forest. At last they reached the clearing, and moved into position around its edges, casting a loose but deadly net around the edges of the glade.

Scarcely a leaf stirred as they took up their positions, and scarcely a shadow moved to betray their presence.

In the clearing, the Orcs went about their business unaware. Crews were busily cutting down the smaller trees, and fires had been set about the bases of the larger ones. Animals of various types hung over the several smaller fires most showed signs of having died slowly and painfully, and a piteous squealing betrayed that at least one was still alive.

Skarloc's eyes grew hard beneath his hood, and he raised one hand. Araflane Warskald lifted his great bronze horn to his lips, and its harsh bellowing note echoed around the clearing. The sound took the Orcs by surprise, and they froze for an instant and in that instant, half their number died as the first volley of arrows slammed across the clearing. One Orc, larger than the rest and scarred by time and many battles, began bellowing orders. Two arrows buried their heads in its hide before it picked up a shield, but with no visible effect. With much shouting and cuffing, it managed to form a dozen or so of the Orcs into something approaching a fighting formation, and they backed against one of the great piles of fallen trunks to protect their backs.

From one side of the clearing came a piercing, ululating scream, and a weird figure flew through the air, somersaulting over a stack of timber three times an Orc's height. The figure an Elf, with his body garishly painted and a great mane of impossibly red hair ran towards the Orcs, whooping and laughing in ferocious joy.

The Orcs were transfixed by the strange apparition, which charged towards them unscathed through the hail of arrows. He dodged and twisted past their blades, and whirled along the entire length of the front rank leaving a trail of cut throats and lopped arms in his wake before leaping over the three ranks of Orcs with another flamboyant somersault, which landed him atop the woodpile with the Orc leader's severed head in one hand.

As the Wardancer brandished the head, the rest of the Elves broke cover Skarloc with his bow on his back, brandishing his great runesword, Araflane with his horn bellowing over the confusion, Kaia Stormwitch with the group's standard held high and lightning crackling from the bluesilver blade of herathame, and Elves all around charging into the clearing with swords drawn.

The death of their leader, coupled with the surprise of the attack, broke the Orcs' morale, and they ran blindly hither and yon, looking for some escape from the clearing but finding only red-bladed death. The battle was a short one.

Equipment - The scouts are equipped with chain mail (light armour), shields, swords and long bows. Note that shields provide no protection when using bows. Personalities are equipped as noted in their individual descriptions.

Battlecry - Since they rely on guerilla warfare and sneak attacks, the scouts have no battlecry.

Deeds - Skarloc's Wood Elf Scouts fight to preserve the edges of their forest home against the depradations of other races, most notably Orcs. Little is known of their deeds, although on one occasion over 200 Orcs of the Broken Skull tribe entered the forest, and none returned.

Uniforms - The scouts wear leather surcoats over their chain mail, in various shades of green and brown for camouflage.

Shields - The shield design is a green tree with white trunk on a red background

Special Rules - Skarloc's Wood Elf Scouts conform to the rules set down for scouts (Ravening Hordes, p59). Special rules for the personalities are given with their profiles.

Profiles - 2nd edition

Skarloc 'The Hooded One'
- Wood Elf Scout / Minor Hero
Skarloc has a runesword with runes of swiftness, armour and protection, and a long bow.
Glam, the Laughing Warrior
- Wood Elf Scout / Wardancer
Glam is subject to frenzy, according the guidelines on p60 of Ravening Hordes. Because of his acrobatic skills, he receives an additional saving throw of 5 or 6 against any close combat hit
Kaia Stormwitch
- Wood Elf Scout / Level 2 Wizard
545552819101010415 + 10 per spell
Kaia carries the group's standard, which incorporates a heart-shaped casket holding the ashes of a legendary Elven Hero, Kern son of the goddess Torothal. It adds 2 points to the unit's Ld, rather than the usual 1. Her magical atamedagger can cast up to three Lightning Bolt spells per day.
Araflane Warskald
- Wood Elf Scout / Musician
Araflane follows the normal rules for musicians. His great bronze horn causes fear in non-Elves; he may blow it once per turn, except when he is engaged in hand-to-hand combat. He is armed with a sword.
- Wood Elf Scout

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