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RR18 - Eeza Ugezod's Mother Crushers

Designed by Nick Lund and released in August 1985. Ugezod was a busy boy running both the Mother Crushers and BC4 Death Commandos.

The Story of Eeza Ugezod & the Mother Crushers

Of all the Orcish raiders to have plundered the Old World from the World's Edge Mountains, none have been so feared, or so hated as the Great Black Orcs of the Mother Crusher tribe. Their Great Raids of Hunger continued almost completely unchecked for nearly forty two years, leaving in their wake a trail of butchery seldom equaled In Orcish history.

Despite many efforts to capture and destroy them, the Mother Crushers always managed to avoid traps set for them. On the few occasions they were brought to battle the outcome invariably favoured the Orcs - using their famous juggernaut columns to push aside any resistance.

Their success was due mainly to the inspired leadership of one Orc. Known throughout the tribes as Eeza Ugezod, Orcish legend abounds with stories of this huge and cunning Orc. One such story, typical of the time, concerns the skirmish an the Great Crossing -a huge, natural span bridging one of the few routes through the mountains to the fertile foothills and valleys of the Old World. It was upon this bridge that a group of Orcs led by Eeza Uqezod were attacked by large numbers of Dwarfs and at least one mountain Giant. An extract from the Orcish 'Volees Adgitz' translates as follows.

'We goes miles this day. Last dark we kills many wittering souls, poking and cutting them - but not having times to make it slow and get them good and

screechy. We gets on the Great Crossing and suddenly all around there'. Stunty Long Beards (Dwarfs) -trapping us boys and making pain threats. Then they goes all grinning silent, and crashing through the crowd comes a Great One, all drunk up, with great iron boots sparking as it steps, and long spikes and jags hanging off them, all dressed up for Orc stomping. It comes roaring and swaying towards us, swinging its club and making us boys windy and tearful. And the stunties are laughing, saying at last they'll have our pretty fangs to make their stunty women grin and dance. And us bold boys - we bunch up close, but cannot help a little wimpering. But Eeza Ugezod's got no wimper. He waves his axe and swears he's going to cut Great One's feet off and pop them in its face. With this he goes off fast forward and sharp hacks the Great One. Its knees goes one way, its great screaming whiskers goes another. The stunties has one look and go all quiet and shuffly. Then Guted - our champion - he gives an honest war shout and we goes off at them cutting up their little bodies, this way and that, and we collects much headskin with hair on it and ties it to our belts. We paints their juices all over the Great Crossing and we calls it the Red Span. We push all the stunties off it, but keeping a few for screarnings later and food for the march. We leaves not too many boys deadstiff and continues our way to make our dearest war and raidings.'

No one is quite sure what happened to Eeza Ugezod - he certainly wasn't amongst the hundreds of Black Orc dead after their supernatural defeat at the hands of the Necromantic Chaos Lord Edis Edis

Battle Cry - The Giant Black Orc battle cry can only be termed as an incomprehensible cacophany of abuse and threat. Each individual does his best to outshout his neighbour. However, against Dwarvern foes they would chorus over and over again the blood curdling battle cry... 'Stomp the stunties - stomp the stunties - stunty stompings fun!'

Battle Tactics - On those rare occasions when tribal animosity does not prevail Black Orc tactics are crudely effective. Always consisting of huge columns (juggernauts) led by the best fighters and flanked by archers and wolf riders. Should there be any of the deadly multi-scythed wolf chariots, or mercenary ogres, these would be placed well to the fare. Although cumbersome and easy prey to artillery and magic, these huge formations were well able to plough through and scatter any but the stoutest enemy formations.

Special Rules - Because Black Orcs naturally victimise smaller Goblins and Orcs (occasionally eating them) they are subject to Animosity at +1 on the dice.

Profiles - 2nd edition

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