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RR15 - Throg's Hobgoblin Despoilers

Designed by Jes Goodwin and announced in April 1985, but not shown until the June Flyer.

The Story of Throg

Driven from the Old World at the end of the Goblin Wars many of the Goblins, Orcs, Hobgoblins and other allied creatures fled into the Dark Lands. The Dark Lands were then, as now, truly dark: ceaseless volcanic activity, steaming tar pits and terrible, natural pollution shielded the land from the sun. Little could grow in such a place, and very few creatures could tolerate the barren landscape, the gloom and the choking air. Throg, however, quite liked it.

From his armed camp on the eastern side of the World's Edge Mountains, Throg gathered his seasoned warriors and began to carve himself out a little empire. Soon a goodly chunk of the western part of the Dark Lands were under his control, and he began to extend his power deep into the mountains themselves. Here he and his Champion, Grunmunter the Beast, fought numerous battles in the valleys and passes of the mountains, and eventually within the Dwarf fortresses. His enemies were mostly Dwarfs, and the Hobgoblins soon acquired a taste for the flesh of these creatures. What became of this renowned fighter is a mystery, some say that he disappeared whilst leading a mixed force of goblinoids into the Dwarf Fortress of Raven's Hold. Others link his disappearance to treachery on behalf of the ferocious Grunmunter, a callous individual.

Equipment - Sword and Shield. The sword carried by Grunmunter is a heavily serrated weapon, forged specially for him.

Battlecry - The strange and animalistic battlecry of these creatures is in the Goblin Tongue. It means , 'Mark your target well and eat it'

Deeds - Of all the many bloody and violent deeds of Throg the most often remembered is the so called Feast of the Dwarven King.On this occasion the Hobgoblins infiltrated the underground fortress of Boran Fireheart a powerful Dwarf lord. The Hobgoblins secreted themselves in the kitchens until the night of a feast, subdued the servants and disguised themselves in the aprons and other clothing of the waiters. That Boran Fireheart failed to notice until far too late that his kitche n staff were all over 6' tall and incredibly ugly, can only be put down to the general level of intoxication. The feast went ahead as usual, but instead of the planned proceedings the Hobgoblins ate Boran and his guests, while Throg entertained by torturing a troop of Halfling Juggler s unlucky enough to be passing through.

Shield - The shields carry the emblem shown drawn in the blood of their enemies. Colours will therefore vary from bright red to darkish brown or black.

Uniforms - Clothing is mostly made out of leather or fur, and is of various shades of brown. Grunmunter wears a huge fur cloak, and around his heavy belt he keeps his latest trophies - the heads of his victims.

Profiles - 2nd edition

The Mighty Throg Major Hobgoblin Hero46545363988888.5
Grunmunter the Beast - Hobgoblin Champion4434414176667.5
Standard = 27.5
Horn = 11

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