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RR13 - Lothern City Guard

Released in January 1985, as slotta-based.

The Story of the Lothern Sea Guard

The Elves have always been an insular race, arrogantly proud of their culture and contemptuous of other folk. The Elf Kingdoms themselves are considered 'off-limits' to other races. Any Man, Dwarf or Halfling who attempted to despoil the fair lands with his presence would be executed on sight. The only exception is the huge, walled city seaport of Lothern. Lothern is the one and only place in the entire Elf Kingdom where other races are tolerated. Accordingly it is full of Norse traders, Old World merchants, adventurers, sailors, dropouts, drunkards and other assorted wierdoes. Maintaining order is not easy.

The job of Captain of the Guard of Lothern is not a popular one. Few jobs are popular in the Elf Kingdoms, as Elves despise all forms of work. Perhaps it is because of this that important or responsible positions tend to fall to eccentrics. D'roi Haisplinn, Captain of the Guard of Lothern, is a case in point; a neurotic, homicidal maniac. At dusk he can be seen pacing the battlements of the great lighthouse of Lothern, cackling madly and, perhaps, torturing an underling.

All this is most un-Elf like, as are his habits of shouting abuse at travelers, spitting on sleeping Halflings, eating small toads in public and bathing in cauldrons of steaming goat offal. But then D'roi Haisplinn is no ordinary Elf.

His men respect him. The Champion of the Guard; Haisplinn's right hand man, respects him even more. This is Lahaven Ramjewel, notorious libertine and rake. Ramjewel is a Elf of good family, but estranged and disgraced as a result of an much publicised incident with a drunken Dwarf mariner.

Equipment - Armament - Sword and Spear Armour - Shield and Mail

Battlecry - The battlecry of this regiment is based up the age old tradition of challenging strangers during the hours of darkness. In Elvish the cry is 'Elo Cailor Gotda Liet, which is popularly supposed to translate as 'Hello, Hello. What's going on here then'

Deeds - Amongst Haisplinn's many deeds of infamy the destruction of the 'Halfling House', Inn and rest home, must be one of the basest. Many Halflings were slain, or suffered horrible and embarassing torture at the hands of the Guards. Haisplinn's only motivation seems to have been that Halflings are short, ugly and have very poor dress sense.

Shield - The shield and banner carries the proud symbol of the city of Lothern.

Uniforms - The Guardsman uniforms are highly traditional, although officers, standard bearers and musicians are allowed to wear pretty much what they like. The uniform comprises a close fitting helmet, which is gilded. The tunic is padded and white, the belts and other decorative items are red. Spear shafts are blue, whilst most metal is either steel or silver. Haisplinn himself wears the arms of his family, including the tall, red crested helmet, purple embroidered tunic and equipment in gilded metal. He also has a metal breastplate.

Note - Lahaven Ramjewel carries the magical sword Lightshaft. This is a Runesword with an Armour Rune, a Cutting and Smashing Rune and a Minor Death Rune on Goblins.

Profiles - 2nd edition

D'roi Haisplinn
Elven Minor Hero
Lahaven Ramjewel
Guard Champion
45543171899812 +150 Magic Sword
Elven Trooper44433161899810
Standard = +50
Horn = +20

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