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RR11 - Karnac's Lizardmen Raiders

Released with solid bases in January 1985. The Spring 1987 flyer added a slottabased Champion.

The Story of Karnac's Raiders

When the Dwarfs built the mountain city of Caraz-A-Carak in the East of the Old World, they created the largest, most wonderfuland impregnable fortress the world was ever to see. Its chambers and halls opened into the heart of the mountain and deep into its roots. Unknown to the Dwarfs their tunnellings were to lead them into the still vaster, still deeper and unfathomably more ancient caverns below the mountains.

Within these caverns dwelt many foul creatures. Little did the Dwarfs guess of the blood-letting and savagery that was to rise from beneath their feet. Soon the lower passages of the Dwarf Kingdoms became the hunting grounds of the perilous Lizardmen, the most feared of whom was the reptile known to the Dwarfs as Karnac, leader of a savage band of Lizard men including the dread animal called Huris. For almost a hundred years the Dwarfs battled against the Lizardmen, chamber by chamber and level by level. But the Lizardmen proved too strong, and grew ever stronger as they feasted upon the flesh of the slain and drank the blood of their doomed captives. Eventually the Dwarfs gave up hope of ever recovering the lower levels, and sealed them off by collapsing the connecting passages. What then became of Karnac, Huris and the Lizardmen can only be imagined.

Equipment - The Lizardmen carry a Long bow and usually two large decorated quivers. Each Lizardman has in addition at least two swords, and often a stone club as well. Each warrior carries a shield.

Battlecry - Before battle these creatures raise up a great noise of hissing and snarling, as the cry gets louder and louder the Lizardmen's thirst for blood reaches an uncontrollable level, and they fall upon their unfortunate enernies.

Deeds - In the main chamber of the 142nd level Karnac slew and subsequently ate a dozen Dwarf warriors, including Baluk Ironfist, the heir to the Kingship. After this occasion his howls of indigestion echoed throughout the fortress for many weeks.

Shield - The shield carried by these troops is made from the hide of some underground reptile, and is of mottled grey or green colour.

Uniforms - The colours of the reptiles themselves vary from dull browns to sparkling reds and blues. Karnac himself is white. Huris is green. Most of the equipment carried by these creatures is black, whilst the commonest metal used by the lizardmen is either copper or a copper

alloy such as brass or bronze. Lizardmen sometimes use captured Dwarf armour, which is often iron. Huris wears a very distinctive helmet, which formerly belonged to a Dwarf warrior, but has been beaten so that it more or less fits his reptilian head.

Note - Lizardmen have tough, scaly skins, which counts as mail armour.

Profiles - 2nd edition

Lizardman Major Hero
Lizardman Champion
Lizardman Trooper43334211105101024
Standard = 120
Horn = 48

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