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RR10 - Elwing's Elven Guard Cavalry

Designed by Aly Morrison and released in Januarry 1985, with solid bases.
I included the C33 Mounted Elf Hero, released at the same time, as it fits in so well.

The Story of Elwing of Lothern

The Elves have never been a very militaristic nation, preferring to raise impromtu armies of citizens rather than keep a large standing army. The seclusion of the High Elves and the basically maritime nature of the Sea Elves also made it inessential to have a large army. However, to guard the coasts of the Sea Elf lands against possible foreign incursions, a body of Guard Cavalry is maintained, small units being distributed throughout the Elf Kingdoms.

Captain Elwing of Lothern was the leader of one such small unit, stationed along the north coast of the Elf Kingdom. He sprang to fame during the Norse Raids - at a time when adventurous Old Worlders were beginning to nurture territorial ambitions in the Elf Kingdoms. The Elves quickly put the invaders to flight, and those that fled to their longships were later intercepted and destroyed by the Sea Elf navy.

Equipment - Each trooper rides a horse, wears chain mail armour and carries a sturdy lance as well as sword and shield.

Battlecry - The battle alarm of the Cavalry Guard is 'Death to the Defilers'.

Deeds - Elwing's rout of the armies of Norse Champion Cecil Bloodaxe the Mauler of Many, and his subsequent slaying of the same were much talked about in Lothern and still form the basis for many popular stories of heroism. Elwing's extreme cool in insisting that he finished his game of shove ha'penny against the Regimental champion Estrulan before riding out to meet the invaders has passed into Elvish folklore.

Shield - The symbol of the Regiment is emblazoned upon the shield of each trooper.

Uniforms - The Elves are dressed in blue uniforms, whilst most of the leatherwork is black or red: Helmets and other metal fittings are silver or silver plated. Spear-shafts are painted blue, with white, blue or red pennants indicating different Companies. Elwings Company have Red pennants. As the Company Champion, Estrulan carries the Companies Charter around his neck. This sealed container establishes the right of the Company to bear arms in the Elf Kingdoms and is the symbol of their authority.

Profiles - 2nd edition

Elwing of Lothern
Captain and Elven Minor Hero
Regimental Champion
Elven Trooper84433161899816
Standard = +80
Horn = +32

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