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RR9 - Mudak's Half Orc Mercenaries

Released in January 1985, solid based, Earwangle was a later slotta based miniature and has been rebased to match the rest of the unit.

The Story of Mudat Brokenbone

It was general anti-Goblinoid feeling, coupled with religious mania that resulted in the banishment of the Half-Orc population from Nuln, one of the Human settlements on the borders of the Old World. The Half-Orcs resented this very deeply.

Such a Half-Orc was Mudat Brokenbone. After spending several years organising the Half-Orc Tonayl tribe (most of whom had turned to cattle rustling and ambushing travelers), Mudat put his new army into operation. With his warharnmer in his hand and revenge on his mind, he led the Tonayl horde against the town of Nuln. Resistance soon crumbled and the body of the unfortunate town champion was impaled on a pole, later becoming the regimental standard.

The Tonayls wandered the borders of the Dark Lands; fighting in a number of wars for both Orc and Human paymasters. Proving themselves to be unreliable and unscrupulous mercenaries in the best Half-Orc tradition. However, during the battle of Gonnear, after changing sides for the third time that day, Mudat was crushed by the infamous Goblin general Grom, 'The Paunch of Misty Mountain'. Their leader slain, the Tonayls dispersed into the wilderness under the command of the company Champion and paymaster Earwangle.

Equipment - Weapons vary but are usually some kind of bludgeoning weapon such as a hammer or mace

Battlecry - The battlecry of this famous Regiment is 'Only for the Money

Deeds - Mudat Brokenbone was to rise to fame (and fortune) by being both the defender and attacker of the fabulously rich city of Helmgart. With two clients and the resources of two waring kingdoms at his disposal, Mudat managed to keep the siege going for almost 2 years without actually striking a single blow.

Shield - The shields are enscribed with the runes of the Tonayl tribe to which the Half-Orcs belong.

Uniforms - Mail armour is worn beneath a tattered red tunic, a cloak made of animal skin is worn by every member of the regiment. Earwangle is the keeper of the company coffer, a large and heavy chest which he has chained upon his back. In battle the pay chest often forms the rallying point in an emergency.

Profiles - 2nd edition

Mudat Brokenbone
Leader and Minor Hero
Paymaster and Champion
Half Orc Trooper4333313176776.25
Standard = 31.25
Horn = 12.5

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