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RR8 - Golgfag's Regiment of Mercenary Ogres

Solid based and released in August 1984. The middle "g" comes and goes!

The Story of Golgfag

The wars between the Goblins and Dwarfs had just begun when Golgfag and his Ogre band emerged out of the northern darkness. Golgfag was the chief of the Rutdrogg clan, and he saw the impending war as a good opportunity to gather loot and fresh meat. The Rutdroggs shambled out of their mountain homes and straight into the employ of Bogdan Legbreak, the chief of the Goblins of the northern Misty Mountains.

After a limited period of service Golgfag had taken part in several early actions of the war. The Rutdroggs proved themselves to be excellent troops, if somewhat undisciplined. One night after an especially long and intense drinking bout Golgfag and Bogdan, who had never liked each other anyway, fell to arguing. Within moments the whole Regiment was up and blood was flowing freely. By morning Golgfag's Regiment had fought its way out of the Goblin compound and taken to the woods.

Golgfag soon found employ again, however, this time fighting for the Dwarfs against his former allies. In this capacity he and his champion Grat'hud led a Dwarf party into the Goblin's stronghold and slew Bogdan in a bitter fight. Golgfag later established himself as one of the most adventurous leaders of the war and collected a great deal of gold, loot and captives before returning to the frozen north.

Armament - Two-handed mace.Armour - Shield, Mail Coats

Battlecry - The Ogre language in bestial in the extreme, and not easily translated. A phonetic transcription would be something like, 'Gruugh aghhhhh aghhhh waaaaaa.'  Experts claim to recognise some elements and offer the following broken translation. 'Remove yourselves from your current physical location, failure to comply with our request could result in severe physical discomfort of a kind which could seriously curtail your social life.' Recent scholarship has shed new light on this strange cry. It now appears to mean, 'I get so angry when I don't have a cooked breakfast.'

Deeds - The most popular story about Golgfag concerns the time that he was captured by the Dwarfs. He was imprisoned in the famous Black Hole of Raven's Hold, along with several dozen assorted goblinoids. Crammed into a tiny space, with no air and hardly enough room to breathe, the Dwarfs expected the occupants to die. However when they opened the door the following morning the Dwarf jailers were aghast to see Golgfag chewing on the remains of the last Goblin. The cell was otherwise empty, although there was good deal of gore and blood on the floor. The Dwarf leader was so awed by this feat that he ordered Golgfag to be taken a long, long way away and released.

Shield - Each Ogre carries a large round shield, this is strapped to his back in combat so as to enable him to swing the mighty war mace.

Uniforms - Rutdroggs have long tunics down to the knee, with heavy breeches and boots. Over their tunics they wear mail armour, and over their backs they have long furry cloaks. Their skin coloration is swarthy, with longish black or grey hair.

Profile - 1st edition


Profiles - 2nd edition

Golgfag - Chief of the Rutdroggs
Ogre Major Hero
Ogre Champion
Ogre Trooper63245332545744
Standard = 220
Horn = 88

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