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RR7 - The Bowmen of Oreon

Released in June 1984. The 1987 RoR Flyer Champion shown is the same as for the second version of the regiment.

The Story of Oreon

All of the remnant wood Elves of the Old World are noted for their amazing skills with the bow. From amongst his father's people, Prince Oreon chose the best archers and woodsmen and assembled this famous Elven band. With his Company, Oreon left the Old World and took ship to the Elf Kingdoms, where he joined the crusading army of the Sea-Elf Lord Staleor. He fought with distinction in Staleor's Southlands campaign, losing an eye in hand-to-hand combat with the Evil wizard Dornbast.

Oreon's company wears the traditional hunting green of the Wood Elves, with full capes and hoods. In addition to his bow, each warrior carries a shield, sword, long knife and two quivers. Regimental Champion llfrun also has a huge doublehanded sword, a weapon wrested from a fearsome Giant during the Southlands campaign. The company proved more than willing to get stuck in, and after their return to the Old World formed the basis of the Greenwoods defence.

Oreon himself grew sullen over the years and took to brooding over the loss of his eye and vitality, a result of a wound inflicted by Dornbast. One day he simply vanished. Popular legend has it that he went in search of his lost eye. The tale is told in some length in the 'Lay of Oreon's Folly', a well known drinking song.

Armament - Elf Bow, Sword, Long Knife and two quivers. Armour - Shield

Battlecry - 'The Greenwoods', also 'Oreon, Oreon', and 'Take the high ground'.

Deeds - The Bowmen of Oreon earned eternal fame on the occasion when a huge Giant Champion challenged Oreon to single combat. Oreon accepted, and as the Giant strode out to do combat, his entire company launched a single volley of arrows, killing the Giant instantly. Although many people thought this a dirty trick, Oreon always maintained that the Giant had rancid breath, smelled utterly foul and deserved to die anyway.

Shield - The shield illustrates the Greenwood, and the arrows of the company.

Uniforms - Green tunic and breeches with weather stained green cloak and hood. Long leather boots are worn with turned down tops. Oreon wears the same uniform, but in a more elaborate cut.

Profile - 1st edition


Profiles - 2nd edition

Prince Oreon
Elven Major Hero
Elven Champion
Elven Trooper44433161899811
Standard = 32.5
Horn = 13

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