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RR6 - Mad Mullah Aklan'd's Death Commandos

The Death Commandos were released in July 1984.

The Story of Mullah Aklan'd

It was the talented and fanatical Wizard Mullah Aklan'd who first led the Men of the East against the Elven lands. Within his lifetime the Mullah had reduced the Elven nations to a few pockets of isolated resistance, and taken control of all of their old trade routes. It was at this time that the Sea Elves undertook many of their great journeys across the western seas.

Aklan'd may have been insane, many claimed as much, most of them died horribly. His brand of religio-magic was based upon the old religions of the desert tribes, modified to accord more closely with his own distorted view of the world.

His most dedicated followers were the Aklan'd Death Commandos. This elite Regiment was formed from the most devoted of the young desert warriors, men willing to die, and in dying gloriously pass into the highest of the 7 Heavens, known as St'oec.

The successors of the Mullah maintained the glorious tradition of the Death Commandos, always choosing the finest equipment for them and always placing them at the forefront of battle. The most honoured post in the Death Commandos is that of Champion Eunuch. Hasim - the current Champion is an enormously fat Eunoch renowned as the slayer of over 100 infidels. As a Eunoch Hasim has +1 Cl and Ld. All of the Death Commandos are subject to Frenzy.

Armament Scimitar and dagger. Armour - Mail Coat and Shield

Dress - Mail armour and helmet. The long coat is made up of thick padded material and can be worn either underneath or over the armour. It is blue.

Shield - The Death Commandos wear the badge of the Mullah.

Battlecry - Purity through death.

Leader - Originally the Mullah himself, but afterwards a Captain of the Guard with the same profile as a Hero. Leadership 4.

Note - (1st edition) The Death Commandos are subject to Frenzy, but do not have to discard armour whilst Frenzied. They HATE men of the west. Death Commandos add 1 to all Morale, Fear and Terror dice.

Profile - 1st edition


Profiles - 2nd edition

Mad Mullah Aklan'd
Human Major Hero
Eunoch Champion
Standard = 32.5
Horn = 13

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