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RR4 Mengil Manhide's Dark Elf Company

A regiment with many names, released in July 1985. It was also described as Mengil Manhide's Dark Elf Guerillas (July 1984 Flyer.) It was originally sold in sets of 9 troopers and 1 of the 3 command.
The champion shown in the 1987 RoR Flyer is the one from version 2 of the regiment, and isn't shown as it's a much larger size.

The Story of the Manhides

During the spring of his last year Kraal the Hearteater gathered about him all the young men of his immediate family. Spells were cast, bloody sacrifices were made, and, at last, the young elven warriors were initiated into their family cult. At the completion of the ceremony Kraal banished all of the young elves, expelled them from the forest and forbade them to return until each had slain a human warrior, or died in the attempt. This was the way of the Dark Elves of Kraal's family.

Mengil, son of old Kraal, had never before strayed from the dank, leafy confines of his forest home. He soon acclimatised to his new social role, however, and discovered that he liked the marauding life so much that he decided against returning to his father's people and set out on a life of banditry and mayhem. His first victim was a huge Norse champion. His skin Mengil fashioned into a cloak, establishing both the mode of dress of his followers and his full name -Mengil Manhide. The company of Dark Elves was further strengthened when Mengil joined forces with the Dark Elf renegade and Champion Ean Hawkbane. Hawkbane's distinctive feature was the large trained owl which accompanied him in combat

In hand-to-hand combat, Hawkbane's owl gives him an additional WS3 ST2 attack. The owl has T and W of 1, and an initiative of 8. The creature will not attack independently, but only as an extra attack whilst Hawkbane is fighting. Should its master is slain, the bird will fly away.

Note that the company consists of both Elven males and females, Dark Elf women being easily as mean and aggressive as their menfolk.

Mengil's followers caused considerable disruption around the farmlands and homesteads of the west.

Armament - Long Sword, Knife and Repeating Crossbow. Amrour - Mail Coat and Shield.

Dress - Black tunic and breeches with light leather boots, elegantly shaped. Over the tunic the elves wear a coat of scale armour belted round the waist. Over their shoulders each warrior wears the mark of his company, a man-hide.

Shield - The device of Mengil is enscribed upon each warriors shield.

Battlecry - None - the Regiment prefers sneaking up quietly in the middle of the night.

Deeds - While the Clan Incursions were at their height Mengil and his followers crossed the temporary land-bridge between the New and Old World. Here they satiated their vast appetites for destruction and blood, slaying indiscriminately and adding greatly to the disorder of the those times.

Leader - Mengil is a Mighty Dark Elf Hero.

Profile - 1st edition


Profiles - 2nd edition

Mengil Manhide
Dark Elf Major Hero
Ean Hawklord
Dark Elf Champion
Dark Elf Trooper44433151899811.5
Standard = 56.5
Horn = 22.5

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