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RR3 - Grom's Goblin Guard

Released in June 1984, the Guard are solid based, but the Champion is slotta based from the RoR Flyer.

The Story of Grom The Paunch

Grom initiated the Goblin Wars when he slew Wulfrun Willowhand, King of the Northern Dwarfs, in a drunken brawl. The cause of the dispute is not recorded, although the relative merits of Old Sam's Brown and Bugman's Best may have been responsible. Grom led the armies of the Goblins in some of their most notable victories, for a Goblin he was a fine tactician and soldier. He was not a pure bred Goblin but of mixed ancestry and presented the appearance almost of an especially ugly Ogre. He was known as 'The Paunch of Misty Mountain' because he was so fat.

Grom selected his guard from the dregs of Goblin society - the outcasts; creatures who were half Goblin and half Orc. These guards were especially large and vicious. Their armour was scavenged from the early battlefields of the war, and their weaponry was forged at the Dwarf smithy of Zhuf Field after its fall to Grom's armies.

Grom was killed in the first onslaught on the Dwarf fortress of the Middenheim. From then on they were led by the regimental Champion, Crud Longbone. Crud was an unusually tall, thin and lanky Goblin with a distinctively long nose. Crud and the remainder of Grom's guards were exterminated at the final battle of the war at Mad Dog Pass.

Armament - Sword. Armour - Mail Coat and Shield

Dress - Leather jerkin and trousers, with mail coat and heavy iron helmet.

Shield - Assorted shield patterns prevail. Grom's shield depicts the death of Wilfrun Willowhand, with a great deal of blood and the fabled toasting fork very much in evidence.

Battlecry - 'Yaaaghhhruuuuuugh' - Goblins are not known for their eloquence.

Leader - Grom the Paunch of Misty Mountain. Grom has the attributes of a Major Night Goblin Hero, except that his layers of fat give him a Toughness of D and 4 Wounds.

Deeds - Apart from starting the Goblin Wars, Grom i snow chiefly remembered for the Atrocities of Zhuf Field. Many Dwarf captives were taken on this occasion, but all were doomed to a horrible death. On every day for the following month Grom had a hundred Dwarfs brought before him. He personally sat on each captive until the victim died of suffocation.

Profile - 1st edition


Profiles - 2nd edition

Goblin Major Hero
Crud Longbone
Goblin Champion
Goblin Trooper4233312155553.75
Standard = 18,75
Horn = 7.5

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