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RR2 - The Knights Of Origo

Released in April 1984. The champion is the slotta based version shown on the RoR Flyer, converted to a solid base.

The Story of the Knights of Origo

The island outpost of Fyrus seemed a good place for the monks of the holy order of Saint Origo to build a monastery. True - Fyrus did lie but a dozen miles from the coasts of Araby, it was the birth place of the revered Mullah Aklan'd and its harbours did control the main east-west trade route; but the Brothers of the Holy Order of Saint Origo decided Fyrus would make an ideal place to rest and meditate. They started by kicking out all of the natives and building a huge fortress. This they decided to call the 'Holy Monastery of the Divine Origo.'

When the good brothers found their prayer disturbed by Arabian pirates and the continued complaints of the disinherited they reacted in the only way they knew how. They built fleets, wiped the waterways clean of eastern ships, and fired every Arabian port within a hundred miles. For the purposes of the crusade the Grand Master of the Order designed the special uniform and banner which is illustrated here.

The Knights returned to a life of peace and contemplation, disturbed only by annual excursions burning, looting and destroying all along the coasts of heathendom. After a few years they were shaken from their solitude by vast armies of Easterners, who lay seige to, and eventually destroyed, the monastery. Many of the Knights were slain in this unprevoked attack but a large company escaped. Unde their new Grand Master, Sir John Tyrweld, and aided by the Order's Champion Donna Don Domingio, the Order reformed in the West.

From then on the company crusaded extensively against the enemies of all right thinking folk and gained a considerable reputation from their enemies. Amongst the Goblins they became renowned as 'The Frothers', whilst the Easterners dubbed Sir John 'The Foaming One'.

Armament - Sword and Knife, known as the Heathen Dispatcher .

Dress - Mail armour, great helm and surcoat. The surcoat of this particular order is red, which symbolises the blood that was shed that others might go on - specifically the blood of their enemies. Note the badge of the order worn over the right breast.

Shield - The badge of the order is placed upon the 'heater' shield.

Battlecry - Peace and Justice. Sir John Tyreweld's family motto is "only the Sword Purifies".

Leader - Sir John Tyrweld, he has the same profile as a Mighty Hero. Leadership 6.

Note - (1st edition) All of the Knights are subject to FRENZY, never take morale tests and add 1 to all Fear and Terror throws. They HATE all non-westerners. In Frenzy they disregard the normal requirement to discard armour. (2nd edition) All the Knights have the usual +1 WS for knights, including CHapions and Heroes. In addition the Knights are subject to Frenzy.

Profile - 1st edition


Profiles - 2nd edition

Sir John Tyreweld
Human Major Hero
Donna Don Domingio
Human Champion
Brother Knight4433313177777
Standard = 35
Horn = 14

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