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RR1 Bugman's Dwarf Rangers

The first of the Regiments of Renown and the first version of the famous Josef Bugman.

The Story of Joseph Bugman

Joseph Bugman was possibly the most famous Dwarf master brewer of all time. The brewing community of Bugman's Brewery, in fact a small town, had been founded in ages past by the great Samuel Bugman, Joseph's long-dead grandfather. By the time of the Goblin Wars Joseph was a prosperous and wealthy brewing merchant, and a reasonably passive and contented Dwarf. His small community lay well off the beaten track, away from the worst excesses of the fighting, and Joseph felt no inclination to meddle in what seemed to him to be a domestic quarrel. After all 'Brass was Brass', and Bugman's Bitter sold well to Goblins and Dwarfs alike.

Joseph found himself unexpectedly involved in the war when a convoy transporting Bugmans Best Bitter into the Troll Country was attacked by a rampaging Goblin band. Every last Dwarf was slain, including Samuel's only son Bono. The news came as a terrible blow to the old Dwarf, who instantly swore uncompromising revenge upon the Goblins for this foul deed of theft and murder. Without hesitation Joseph took up his sword and his armour and gathered a small band of his workers - all of whom had lost relatives or friends in the massacre.

The band disappeared into the Bad Lands, and little was heard from them during the following years. Rumours from the south told of the ravages of Bugman's Rangers, of cunning ambushes, of deadly nocturnal raids and the consternation of the Goblins.

Eventually, wounded and deathly exhausted, Bugman and his now pitifully small band returned to their homes, only to fight their last battle defending Bugman's Brewery from the advancing armies of the Goblins. Joseph Bugman's body was never found, it is generally assumed that he died along with every other member of his Regiment and their families.

Armament - Double-handed axe, hand axe, short sword and crossbow.

Dress - The troops wear sturdy brewers buff coats, heavy earth coloured rough weather cloaks, buck-skin breeches and heavy boots. Mail armour is worn underneath the buff coat.

Shield - The shield design illustrated is that of the Bugman family.

Battlecry - 'Mhinz Abeir' - shouted by half the company, to which the rest reply - 'Z'yor Rond' - Dwarvish, translation unknown.

Leader - Samuel Bugman. Profile is as for a Major Dwarf Hero. Leadership factor 5.

Deeds - Bugman's greatest deeds must go forever unrecorded, all memory of them dying along with the Dwarf and his troops. His later life and struggle against the Goblins is itself a source of popular speculation and myth making. The invention of Troll Brew is considered by many to be his greatest achievement, however.

Profile - 1st edition

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Profiles - 2nd edition

Joseph Bugman
Dwarf Mighty Hero
Jorj Ruddle
Dwarf Champion
Dwarf Trooper34334121979911
Standard = 55
Horn = 22

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