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Army Box Miniatures

Special Edition pieces were created to add an extra incentive to buy a boxed set. They were also used to promote the Warhammer and 40k game boxes for Christmas 1999. A series of Army Standard Bearers and other items were then released in the new Army boxes from 2000 until 2007. After that the army / battalion box contents became all plastic models and special editions were discontinued, until the Warhammer 40,000 Dark Vengeance set was released in 2012. I have stopped tracking the Army Box Special Miniatures after that point as their status is oftern ambiguous.

Some of these were also available through the Skulz program.


Warriors of Redemption Shrine (Sisters of Battle) Oct 1997
Bretonnian Archer Stakes (Bretonnian Hunting Party) Nov 1997
Praetorian Casualties (Praetorians) Jan 1998
High Elf Waystones (High Elf Cavalry Patrol) Jan 1998
Space Marine Captain (Warhammer 40,000 box) Winter 1999
Bretonnian General (Warhammer Fantasy box) Winter 1999
Black Templar Captain (Black Templars) Sept 2000
Empire Army Standard (Empire) Oct 2000
Orc Standard Bearer (Orcs and Goblins) Nov 2000
Dwarf Army Standard (Dwarf) Dec 2000
Vampire Count Army Standard (Vampire Counts)
Dark Elf Army Standard (Dark Elf)
Tau Ethereal (Tau) Oct 2001
Bilbo Baggins (FOTR Box) Nov 2001
High Elf Army Standard (High Elf) Jan 2002
Skaven Army Standard (Skaven) Mar 2002
Necron Lord (Necron)  May 2002
Chaos Warrior Army Standard (Chaos) Jun 2002
Chaos Aspiring Champion (Chaos Marines) Oct 2002
Tomb King Army Standard (Tomb Kings) Dec 2002
Saurus Army Standard (Lizardmen) May 2003
Beasts of Chaos Standard (Beasts of Chaos) Aug 2003
Cadian Army Standard (Cadian IG) Sep 2003
Bretonnian Army Standard (Bretonnians) Jan 2004
Kordel Shorgaar (Archaon's Horde) Jun 2004
Middenheim Army Standard (Middenheim) Jun 2004
Marine Veteran Sergeant (Space Marines) Nov 2004
Ogre Tyrant (Ogre Kingdoms) Dec 2004
Tyranid Lictor (Tyranids) May 2005
Wood Elf Army Standard (Wood Elves) Jul 2005
Dwarf Army Standard (Dwarfs) Dec 2005
Tau Ethereal (Tau) Mar 2006
Vostroyan Casualties (Vostroyans) April 2006
Orc Shaman (Orcs and Goblins) Sep 2006
Eldar Autarch (Eldar) Oct 2006
Empire Bright Wizard (Empire) Dec 2006
Dark Angels Company Master (Dark Angels) Mar 2007


Interrogator-Chaplain Seraphicus (Dark Vengeance Box 2012)
Radagast the Brown (Escape from Goblin Town Box 2012)

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