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Citadel Limited Editions

The Early Years

The early limited editions were related to promotions for new stores or for new lines. One off and special pieces were later produced for all sorts of reasons, including portraits of people or for competition winners.

Store Opening & Mail Order
Fergus the Psychotic Troll (Mail Order)
Robin Hood Dwarf (Nottingham)
Samurai (Sheffield)
Rabbit Assassin (Manchester)
Dwarf in Plate Mail (Birmingham)
Chaos Dwarf (Speciality Sets voucher)
Thorgrimm Brandedimm (WHFB1 voucher)
Runequest Duck (Runequest Boxes voucher)
Broo Assassin (Runequest Boxes Mail Order)
Grogus the Massive Ogre Warrior (Mail Order)
Skeleton Warrior (Mail Order)
Traveller Adventurer (Mail Order)
Compendium One Chaos Specials
Ngaaranh Spawn of Chaos
Zygor Snake Arms
Leaping Slomm Two Face (two versions)
Compendium One Competition
Zadul Kancoral the Necromancer
Prince Ardelon of Mardusia
Malik Widukind

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