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The first Citadel releases: Molten Magic - White Dwarf 12

FS2 - Magic Mouth Doorway, FS10 Naked Girl roasting on Spit over Brazier, FS5 Old Wizard on Throne reading Book on Lectern, FF16 Giant Troll attacking with Spiked Club, FF4 Crabman

FF28  Orc on Giant Tusker, FF34 Chimera, FF14 Cyclops, FF9 Carbuncle, FF31 Satanic Angel, FF10 Devil Dog

FF30 Zombie, FF19 Werewolf, FF20 Goblin with Sword, FS12 Sarcophagus, FS11 Beggar on Crutches, FA4 Sneak Thief with Dagger

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