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FTT - Fantasy Tribe Trolls

FTT1-8 were first advertized in White Dwarf 24 (April/May 1981), with 6-8 mentioned as coming in April, all sculpted by Tom Meier. FTT6 was then announced as released in White Dwarf 30 (April 1982!). FTT9 was announced in issue 26 (August / September 1981.) The Perrys apparently sculpted new versions of FTT7 and 8, announced in Spring 1982 , as well as the US only FTT10 (released as FF16-2 in the UK.) FTT1-8 became c20 Trolls in 1983, and FTT9 (& 10) moved to the C31 Large Monsters code.

FTT1 Troll with Tree-Trunk Club
FTT2 Troll swinging Axe
FTT3 Troll hurling Rock
FTT4 Troll in Chainmail with Scimitar
FTT5 Troll in Furs with Axe and Shield
FTT6 Troll Discipline Master with Whip
FTT7 Troll Wife attacking with Cleaver
FTT8 Troll Brat hurling Rocks
FTT9 Giant Half-Troll Champion in Ornate Classical Armour with Sword and Shield
USA Only
FTT10 Giant Two Headed Troll (FF16-2?)

1981/2 Catalog

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Compendium 2

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