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FTD - Fantasy Tribe Dwarves

The second of the Fantasy tribe ranges. FTD 1-13 were first advertized in White Dwarf 23 (February/March 1981), FTD 15 and 15 appearing in White Dwarf 30 (April/May 1982). These became part of the C07 Dwarf Warrriors or C06 Dwarf Adventurers ranges in January 1983.

FTD17 through FTD26 were US only Ral Partha International releases.

* = Personalized

*FTD1 Dwarf with Spear and Sword
*FTD2 Dwarf with Light Crossbow and Sword
*FTD3 Dwarf with Sword and Pole Arm
*FTD4 Dwarf with Mace and Axe
*FTD5 Dwarf with Axe and Heavy Crossbow
*FTD6 Dwarf with Axe and Hammer
*FTD7 Dwarf with Hammer and Pick
*FTD8 Dwarf Standard Bearer with Axe
*FTD9 Dwarf Chieftain in Plate Mail with Sword
*FTD10 Dwarf Trumpeter with Sword
FTD11 Female Dwarf
FTD12 Dwarf Children (2 figs)
FTD13 The Dwarf with No Name
FTD14 Dwarf Stretcher Party
FTD15 Mounted Dwarf
FTD16 Dwarf War Engine with 3 Crew
FTD17 Dwarf with Light Crossbow and Axe
Ral Partha US Only
FTD18 Dwarf with Axe and Knife
FTD19 Dwarf Champion with Two Handed Axe
FTD20 Dwarf Champion in Plate Armour with Two Handed Sword
FTD21 Dwarf with Spear
FTD22 Dwarf Advancing with Torch
FTD23 Dwarf with 2 Handed Axe
FTD24 Dwarf Striking with Sword
FTD25 Dwarf with Small Axe
FTD26 Dwarf with Studded Club

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