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FF Series - Fiend Factory

"A superb range of mythological and fictitious beasts for the discerning fantasy gamer"

FF 1-40 were launched in White Dwarf 12. Many were replaced in February 1982 when TSR published the Fiend Factory Bestiary and GW lost the rights to the Fiend Factory creatures, which had first been published in White Dwarf!. The first version is shown as -1, the replacement as -2.

The Red Orcs (FF24-29) became Half-Orcs and then Orcs.

Items marked US83 are listed in the January 1983 Citadel US catalog but were not released in FF range in the UK.

FF1 The Fiend
FF2-1 Slime Beast with Sword
FF2-2 Lord of Darkness (Feb 1982)
FF3-1 Hook Horror
FF3-2 Wraith Rider on Undead Horse (Feb 1982)
FF4-1 Crabman
FF4-2 Wraith on Winged Mount (Feb 1982)
FF5-1 Phantom Stalker
FF5-2 Winged Demon with Sword and Whip (Feb 1982)
FF6-1 Giant Blood Worm
FF6-2 Ghost (Feb 1982)
FF7-1 Death Worm
FF7-2 Ghoul (Feb 1982)
FF8-1 Volt
FF8-2 Harpy (Feb 1982)
FF9-1 Carbuncle
FF9-2 White Wizard (Feb 1982)
FF10-1 Devil Dog
FF10-2 Eagle (Feb 1982)
FF11-1 Grell
FF11-2 Treeman (Feb 1982)
FF12-1 Assassin Bug
FF12-2 Mountain Giant with Battle Axe (Feb 1982)
FF13-1 Bonesnapper
FF13-2 Wererat (Feb 1982)
FF14-1 Cyclops
FF14-2 Cyclops (Dec 1982)
FF15-1 Hill Giant swinging Club
FF15-2 Hill Giant swinging Club Late 1982
FF16-1 Giant Troll attacking with Spiked Club
FF16-2 Two Headed Troll with Spiked Club (Feb 1982)
FF17 Minotaur
FF18 Wraith
FF19 Werewolf
FF20 Goblins charging with Swords and Shields (3 figs.)
FF21 Goblins attacking with Axes (3 figs.)
FF21 Night Goblin with Morning Star (Dec 1982)
FF22 Goblins firing Bows (3 figs.)
FF23 Goblins advancing with Spears (3 figs.)
FF24 Red Orcs in Chainmail with Swords (3 figs.)
FF25 Red Orcs attacking with Swords (3 figs.)
FF26 Red Orcs in Plate Armour with Swords (3 figs. )
FF27-1 Red Orc with Spear mounted on Giant Tusker
FF27-2 Orc with Spear mounted on Giant Wolf (Feb 1982)
FF28-1 Red Orc in Chainmail mounted on Giant Tusker
FF28-2 Orc in Chainmail mounted on Giant Wolf (Feb 1982)
FF29-1 Red Orc in Plate Armour mounted on Giant Tusker
FF29-2 Orc in Plate Armour mounted on Giant Wolf (Feb 1982)
FF30-1 Zombie
FF30-2 Zombie (Dec 1982)
FF30-3 Zombie (base marked FF30b)
FF31-1 Satanic Angel
FF31-2 Reptile Warrior with Sword (Feb 1982)
FF32-1 Golem
FF32-2 Golem (Late 1982)
FF33-1 Emperor Dragon
FF33-2 Great Fire Dragon
FF34 Chimaera
FF35 Manticore
FF36 Medusa
FF37-1 Warrior of the Stone
FF37-2 Giant Worm (Feb 1982)
FF38 Giant Rats (3 figs.)
FF39-1 Amazon Berserker with Dagger
FF39-2 Amazon Berserker with Dagger (Late 1982)
FF40-1 Berserker with Sword
FF40-2 Berserker with Sword (Late 1982)
FF41-1 Centaur Chief with Sword
FF41-2 Beserker with Sword and Axe (Feb 1982)
FF42-1 Salaman Warrior advancing with Pike
FF42-2 Bandit with Sword and Shield (Feb 1982)
FF43-1 Salaman Warrior attacking with Pike
FF43-2 Bandit in Chainmail with Sword and Shield (Feb 1982)
FF44-1 Salaman Warrior at ready with Pike
FF44-2 Buccaneer with Sword and Axe (Feb 1982)
FF45-1 Salaman Warrior advancing with Sword
FF45-2 Caveman with Club (Feb 1982)
FF46-1 Salaman Trooper with Lance mounted on Giant Strider
FF46-2 Caveman with Stone Axe and Spear (Feb 1982)
FF47-1 Elite Salaman Trooper with Lance and Axe mounted on Giant Strider
FF47-2 Merchant with Dagger (Feb 1982)
FF48-1 Desert Nomad with Sword
FF48-2 Desert Nomad with Sword (Late 1982)
FF49 Giant Spider
FF50 Giant Scorpion
FF51 Tentacled Crawler
FF52-1 Skeleton Warrior
FF52-2 Skeleton Warrior (Dec 1982)
FF53 Ogre
FF54 Wyvern
FF55 Young Dragon
FF56 Giant Frog
FF57 Giant Snakes (2 figs)
FF58 Vampire
FF59 Wight
FF60 Mummy
FF61-1 Giant Wyvern
FF61-2 Black Dragon (Dec 1982)
FF62 Female Red Orc
FF63-1 Red Orc Children (2 figs)
FF63-2 Goblin Commander (Dec 1982)
FF64-1 Female Goblin
FF64-2 George the Giant (Dec 1982)
FF65-1 Goblin Children (2 figs)
FF65-2 Ferocious Man-Fish (various) (Dec 1982)
FF66 Skeleton Rider on Horse of Hell
FF67-1 Giant Boar
FF67-2 Centaur Chief / Goat Headed Ogre (US 83)
FF68 Goat-headed Ogre
FF69 Giant Wolf
FF70 Weretiger in Beast Form
FF71 Gnome Assassin (Dec 1982)
FF71 Large Insects (5)  (US 83)
FF72 Spectre (Dec 1982)
FF72 Large Creepers (5) (US 83)
FF73 Dryad, Pixie and Sprite (US 83) (3)
FF74 Goat Headed Ogres with Club and Spear (2)
FF75 Ape-lords with Chieftain (3) (US 83)
FF76 Sea Drake (4) (US 83)

Thanks to Richard Scott of Otherworld Miniatures for help with many of the missing pieces.

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