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1998 US Complete Catalog

Front Cover
The Warhammer Hobby
Customer Service
Warhammer Boxed Game
Warhammer Magic
Warhammer Campaign packs
Knights Errant
Knights Errant Command / Knights of the Realm
Knights of the Realm Command
Grail Knights & Command
Mounted Squires
Mounted Squires Command / Monuted Sorceress / Sorceress / Grail Knight Hero on Foot
Men-At-Arms with Spears & Command
Bowmen & Command
Men-At-Arms with Halberds & Command
Squires with Bows & Command
Questing Knights
Questing Knights Command
Knight of the Realm with Morning Star / Baron Odo / Heroes on Foot / Tristan Le Troubador & Jules Le Jongleur
Bertand the Brigand / Morgiana Le Fay / Suliman Le Saracen / Repanse De Lyonesse
Louen Leoncoeur / Grail Knights Box
Plastic Bowmen / The Green Knight / Plastic Knights
Hero on Pegasus / Questing Knights Box
Bretonnian Hunting Party / Army Book
Chaos Knights & Command
Beastmen Command
Beastmen Shamen / Ungor Skirmishers
Ungors with Spears
Ungor Command / Bestigors
Bestigor Command / Beastmen Lord / Chaos Sorcerors
Minotaurs with Additional Hand Weapons
Minotaurs with Double Handed Weapons
Minotaur Lord
Bloodletters of Khorne
Flesh Hounds of Khorne / Fiends of Slaanesh
Daemonettes of Slaanesh
Steeds of Slaanesh
Plaguebearers of Nurgle
Nurglings / Daemon Prince / Chaos Spawn
Harpies / Dragon Ogres
Dragon Ogres
Flamers of Tzeentch / Pink Horrors
Pink Horror Command / Blue Horrors / Aekold Helbrass
Egrimm Van Horstmann on Chaos Dragon
Great Unclean One / Arbaal the Undefeated / Plastic Beastmen
Chaos Dwarfs
Chaos Dwarfs
Warriors / Blunderbusses
Command / Heroes
Bull Centaurs
Bull Centaur Standard / Rocket Launcher / Sorceror
Hobgoblin Warriors
Hobgoblin Archers / Hobgoblin Command
Hobgoblin Command / Sneaky Gits
Hobgoblin Wolf Riders
Hobgoblin Wolf Rider Command / Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower / Astragoth
Lord on Great Taurus / Earthshaker
Plastic Warriors / Sorceror on Lammasu
Army Book
Dark Elves
Dark Elves
Corsairs / Swordsmen
Bolt Thrower / Command
Cold One Knights & Command
Sorceror / Assasin / Black Guard
Witch Elves
Banners / Standards / Transfers
Plastic Warriors / Cauldron of Blood
The Beast Lord Rakarth
Boxed Army / Army Book
Longbeards / Hammerers
Ironbreakers / Miners
Bugman's Rangers / Slayers
Slayers with Additional Hand Weapons / Dragon Slayers / Daemon Slayers / Slayer Command
Command / Miner Command / Bugman's Command
Hammerer Command / Drunks / Gyrocopter
Cannon / Organ Gun / Bolt Thrower
Clansmen / Clansmen with Double Handed Weapons / Spearmen
Banners / Generals / Runesmith / Hero / Miner Champion
King Kazador / Burlock Damminson / Ungrim Ironfist / Gotrek & Felix / Kragg the Grim / The White Dwarf / Joseph Bugman
Plastic Warriors / Anvil of Doom / Flame Cannon
Throne of Power / Army Book
The Empire
The Empire
Knights of the White Wolf & Command
Knights Panther & Command
Reiksguard Knights & Command
Knights of the Blazing Sun & Command
Spearmen / Swordsmen
Hand Gunners / Crossbowmen
Archers / Pistoliers
Outriders / Kislev Horse Archers & Command
Kislev Winged Lancers & Command
Reiksguard & Command
Greatswords / Flagellants
Halfling Spearman / Halfling Archers / Halfling Command
Halfling Hot Pot / Jade Wizards / Amber Wizards
Bright Wizards / Celestial Wizards / Gold Wizards
Grey Wizards / Amethyst Wizards / Light Wizards
Mortar / Great Cannon / Helblaster
Transfers / The Ice Queen / The Emperor's Champion
Reiksmarshall / Supreme Patriarch / Elector Count of Middenheim / Elector Count of Hochland
Elector Count of Ostland / Elector Count of Averland / General
Plastic Halberdiers / War Wagon
Karl Franz on Deathclaw / Steam Tank
War Altar / Army Book
High Elves
High Elves
White Lion Command / Hero / Mage / Phoenix Guard
Sword Masters
Shadow Warriors / White Lions
Armoured Archers / Spearmen
Repeating Bolt Thrower / Archers
Sword Master Command / Maiden Guard & Champion
Ellyrian Reavers with Spear / Ellyrian Reavers with Bow
Mage / Archer Command / Silver Helms
Dragon Princes & Command
Silver Helm Command / Ellyrian Reaver Command
Transfers / Banners
General / Hero
Tyrion / Teclis / Korhil
Plastic Spearmen / Imrik, Lord of Dragons
War Griffon / Tiranoc Chariot
Ellyrian Reavers Box / Silver Helms Box
High Elf Cavalry Force / Army Book
Skink Archers & Command
Skink Javelins & Command
Lizard Swarm / Snake Swarm / Terradons with Bows
Salamander / Saurus with Hand Weapons
Saurus Command
Kroxigor / Saurus with Spears
Temple Guard & Command
Plastic Saurus / Plastic Skinks
Slann Mage Priest on Palanquin / Army Book
Orcs & Goblins
Orcs & Goblins
Orcs Boyz
Orc Boyz with Halberds / Arrer Boyz / Crossbow Boyz
Bolt Thrower / Command / Shaman / Warlord
Savage Orc Boyz
Savage Orc Arrer Boyz
Savage Orc Command
Savage Orc Command / Savage Orc Shaman / Black Orcs with Additional Hand Weapons
Black Orcs with Double Handed Weapons / Black Orc Command
Big 'Uns / Big 'Uns Command
Savage Orc Boar Boyz / Savage Orc Boar Boyz with Spears / Savage Orc Boar Boy Command / Savage Orc Boar Boy Shaman
Boar Boyz with Spears
Boar Boyz Command / Banners
Gorfang Rotgut / Morglum Necksnapper / Orc Warlord
Goblins / Goblins with Spears
Goblin Command
Forest Goblins
Forest Goblin Archers / Forest Goblin Command
Forest Goblins with Spears / Forest Goblin Shaman / Snotlings
Fanatics / Doom Divers / Snotling Pump Wagon
Net Teams / Squig Hunters with Squig
Squigs / Squig Hopper
Spider Riders & Command
Wolf Riders & Command
Night Goblins / Night Goblins with Spears
Night Goblins with Bows / Night Goblin Command
Night Goblins Shaman / River Trolls
Stone Trolls
Goblin Banners / Snarsnik & Gobbla / Night Goblin Shaman
Plastic Orc Boyz / Azhag the Slaughterer
Plastic Black Orcs / Plastic Goblins / Rock Lobber
Grom's Chariot / Goblin Wolf Chariot
Giant / Boar Boy Box
Boxed Army / Army Book
Clanrats / Clanrats with Spears / Stormvermin
Gutter Runners
Plague Monks / Rat Swarm
Command / Stormvermin Command / Warpfire Thrower
Jezzail Team / Plague Censer Bearers
Poison Wind Globadiers / Asassins / Warlocks
Packmaster with Giant Rats / Rat Ogres
Plague Monk Command / Lord Skrolk / Warlord Queek / Ikit Claw
Deathmaster Snikch / Thanquol / Boneripper
Vermin Lord / Doomwheel / Plastic Skaven
Screaming Bell / Army Book
Skeleton Warriors / Skeleton Warriors with Double Handed Weapons
Skeleton Archers / Screaming Skull Catapult
Armoured Skeletons & Command
Cavalry / Mounted Necromancer / Carrion
Zombies & Command
Ghouls / Vampire / Liche
Necromancers / Wights
Mummies / Ghosts
Wraiths / Mounted Wights
Mounted Wight Command / Bat Swarm / Wraith Champion / Mounted Wight Lord
Banners / Transfers
Heinrich Kemmler / Vampire Lord / Isabella Von Carstein / Krell / Vlad Von Carstein
Necromancer on Manticore / Mounted WIghts Box
Nagash / Zombie Dragon
Plastic Skeleton Warriors / Plastic Skeleton Horsemen / Plastic Skeleton Chariot
Boxed Army / Army Book
Wood Elves
Wood Elves
Glade Guard
Glade Guard
Waywatchers / Scouts
Glade Riders & Command
Warhawk Riders & Command
Command / Scout Command
Mounted General / Mounted Mage / Wardancer Champion / Sorceress on Foot / Skaw, the Falconer
Treemen / War Eagles
Transfers / Banners
Durthu / Plastic Archers
Forest Dragon
Orion / Ariel
Boxed Army / Army Book
Giant Scorpion / Unicorn / Cockatrice / Giant Spider
Warhammer 40,000
Warhammer 40,000
The Warhammer 40,000 Hobby
Imerial Scenery
Warhammer 40,000 Boxed Game
Dark Millennium
Chaos Space Marines
Chaos Space Marines
Chaos Space Marines with Heavy Weapons / Sorceror
Chaos Space Marine with Autocannon / Khorne Icon Bearer / Chaos Space Marine with Plasma Gun / Khorne Bezerker Champions
Plague Marines
Noise Marines / Terminators
Nurgle Icon Bearer / Abaddon / Fabius Bile / Kharn the Betrayer / Ahriman
Veteran Shoulder Pads
Juggernaut / Plastic Khorne Beserkers / Plastic Plague Marines
Dreadnought / Terminators / Plastic Marines
Chaos Space Marine Bike / Chaos Space Marines Box
Boxed Army / Codex
Harlequins / Guardians with Lasguns
Guardians with Shuriken Catapaults / Guardians
Swooping Hawks / Dark Reapers / Exarchs
Dire Avengers / Fire Dragons / Exarchs
Striking Scorpions / Howling Banshees / Exarchs
Farseer / Warlocks
Anti-Grav Weapons Platforms
Warp Spiders / Exarch / Scouts
Wraithguard / Decals
Eldard Ulthran / Karandras / Jain Zar
Asurmen / Fuegan / Maugan Ra / Baharroth
Avatar / War Walker
Dreadnought / Plastic Guardians
Shrieker Jetbike / Jetbike
Boxed Army / Codex
Imperial Guard
Imperial Guard
Catachan with Melta Gun / Catachan with Flamer / Mordian with Melta Gun / Mordian with Grenade Launcher / Cadian with Melta Gun / Cadian with Flamer
Tallarn with Melta Gun / Tallarn with Grenade Launcher / Valhallan with Flamer / Catachan with Plasma Gun / Cadian with Plasma Gun / Mordian with Flamer
Valhallan with Melta Gun / Valhallan with Grenade Launcher / Tallarn with Plasma Gun / Catachan Comm-Link / Cadian Comm-Link / Valhallan Comm-Link
Stormtrooper with Plasma gun / Stormtrooper with Meltagun / Catachan Jungle Fighters
Mordian Iron Guard
Cadian Shock Troops
Tallarn Desert Raiders
Ice Warriors of Valhalla
Ratling Snipers / Commissars / Lieutenants
Lieutenants / Catachan Captain / Primaris Psyker / Stormtrooper Sergeant / Catachan Heavy Weapons / Ogryns
Ogyrns / Catachan Lascannon / Mordian Heavy Weapons
Mordian Lascannon / Cadian Heavy Weapons / Tallarn Heavy Weapons
Valhallan Heavy Weapons / Stormtrooper Heavy Weapons
Commissar Yarrick / Captain Al'Rahem / Captain Chenkov
Roughriders of Attila
Ice Warriors of Valhalla / Mordian Iron Guard / Tallarn Desert Raiders
Catachan Jungle Fighters / Cadian Shock Troops
Leman Russ Demolisher / Stormtroopers
Leman Russ / Chimera
Hellhound / Griffon
Basilisk / Codex
Front Cover
The Imperium
Sisters of Battle - The Imperium
Sister Superior / Battle Sisters
Battle Sisters with Heavy Weapons / Canoness
Seraphim Battle Sisters / Battle Sister Icon Bearer
Imperial Missoniaries / Imperial Preachers / Frateris Militia
Sisters of Battle Transfers & Banners / Warriors of Redemption Force Box
Imperial Confessor Kyrinov / Uriah Jacobus / Imperial Assassins
Grey Knight Terminators / Culexus Assassin
Rapier / Tarantula / Adeptus Arbites / Servitors
Sister of Battle / Sister of Battle Seraphim / Sister of Battle Immolator
Space Marines
Space Marines
Assault Marines
Blood Angel Death Company / Heavy Weapons
Captains / Chaplains
Librarians / Tech Marines
Apothecary / Standard Bearers
Iron Priest / Space Wolf Sergeants / Wolf Guard
Wolf Scout Sergeants / Grey Hunters / Blood Claws
Space Wolf Standard Bearer / Long Fangs
Deathwing Terminators
Wolf Guard Terminators
Ragnar Blackmane / Ulrik the Slayer / Njal Storm Caller / Marneus Calgar
Tigurius / Azrael with Helmet Bearer / Asmodai / Ezekiel
Apothecary Corbulo / Chief Lbrarian Mephiston / Comander Dante / Brother-Captain Tycho
Devastators / Assault Squad / Tactical Squad
Terminators / Land Speeder / Dreadnought
Plastic Marines / Bike Squadron
Bike / Attack Bike / Chaplain on Bike /
Scouts / Rhino
Razorback / Whirlwind
Predator / Predator Annihilator
Blood Angels Dreadnought / Death Company
Ravenwing Land Speeder / Dark Angels Dreadnought / Deathwing Terminators
Grey Hunters / Wolf Guard / Long Fangs
Blood Claws / Space Wolf Dreadnought
Blood Angels Army Box / Dark Angels Ravenwing Force Box
Ultramarine Army Box / Space Wolf Army Box
Goff Boyz / Blood Axe Boyz
Deathskull Boyz / Evil Sunz Boyz
Snakebite Boyz / Bad Moon Boyz
Bosses / Runts & Squigs
Weirdboyz / Runtherdz
Close Assault Gretchin / Gretchin Assistants
Warpheadz / Minderz / Gretchin with Autoguns
Painboyz / Mekboyz
Boarboyz / Boarboyz Nobz
Mad Boyz / Blood Axe Kommandos
Goff Skar Boyz / Stormboyz / Snakebite Nobz
Freebooterz / Goff Nobz
Ork Heavy Weapons
Deathskull Lootas with Kustom Kombi-Weapons / Splatta Kannon / Pulsa Rokkit
Ghazghkull Thraka with Matari / Zodgrod Wortsnagga / Nazdreg Ug Urdgrub
Traktor Kannon / Smasha Gun / Squig Katapult
Orks in Mega-Armour / Transfers
Plastic Gretchin / Plastic Orks / Dreadnought
Warbike / Buggy / Codex
Genestealer Cult Hybrids / Genestealer Cult Magus / Termagants
Gargoyles / Biovore / Spore Mines / Hormagaunts
Tyranid Warriors / Ripper Swarm
Tyranid Warriors
Tyranid Warrior with Barbed Strangler / Zoanthrope
Carnifex / Lictor / Hive Tyrant
Plastic Termagants / Plastic Genestealers
Tyranid Boxed Swarm / Codex
Citadel Colour
Boxed games
Necromunda / Warhammer Quest
Epic 40,000 / Space Hulk
Hobby Support
Games Day / Golden Demon
The Grand Tournament
Mail Order
GW Website
White Dwarf

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