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1997 US Complete Catalog

This catalog combined the US 1997 Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer catalogs, literally. The Front Cover, Contents and Back Covers were changed, and the Dark Millenium ad from the 40,000 catalog replaced the first Customer Service page. No miniatures were added or removed, even the page numbers remained the same.

The same scans as were used for the individual catalogs have been combined with the changes as noted above.

Front Cover
Warhammer 40,000
The Warhammer 40,000 Hobby
A Game of Warhammer 40,000
Dark Millennium
White Dwarf
Space Marines
Devastators / Assault Squad / Tactical Squad
Terminators / Land Speeder / Dreadnought
Scouts / Assault Marines
Plastic Marines / Bike Squadron
Bike / Predator Annihilator
Blood Angel Death Company / Jump Packs / Heavy Weapons
Captains / Chaplains
Librarians / Tech Marines
Apothecary / Standard Bearers
Iron Priest / Space Wolf Sergeants / Wolf Guard
Wolf Scout Sergeants / Grey Hunters / Blood Claws
Grey Hunters / Wolf Guard / Long Fangs
Blood Claws / Space Wolf Dreadnought
Space Wolf Standard Bearer / Long Fangs
Ravenwing Land Speeder / Dark Angels Dreadnought / Deathwing Terminators
Blood Angels Dreadnought / Death Company
Deathwing Terminators
Predator / Whirlwind
Razorback / Rhino
Wolf Guard
Ragnar Blackmane / Ulrik the Slayer / Njal Storm Caller / Marneus Calgar
Tigurius / Azrael with Helmet Bearer / Asmodai / Ezekiel
Corbulo / Mephiston / Dante / Tycho
The Imperium
Rapier / Tarantula / Adeptus Arbites / Servitors
Psykers / Assassins / Inquisitor Terminator / Grey Knight Terminators
Imperial Guard
Catachan Jungle Fighters / Rough Riders of Attila / Cadian Shock Troops
Catachan with Melta Gun / Catachan with Flamer / Mordian with Melta Gun / Mordian with Grenade Launcher / Cadian with Melta Gun / Cadian with Flamer
Tallarn with Melta Gun / Tallarn with Grenade Launcher / Valhallan with Flamer / Catachan with Plasma Gun / Cadian with Plasma Gun / Mordian with Flamer
Valhallan with Melta Gun / Valhallan with Grenade Launcher / Tallarn with Plasma Gun / Catachan Comm-Link / Cadian Comm-Link / Valhallan Comm-Link
Stormtrooper with Plasma gun / Stormtrooper with Meltagun / Catachan
Ice Warriors of Valhalla / Mordian Iron Guard / Tallarn Desert Raiders
Leman Russ Demolisher / Stormtroopers
Mordian Iron Guard
Cadian Shock Troops
Tallarn Desert Raiders
Ice Warriors of Valhalla
Hellhound / Griffon
Ratling Snipers / Commissars / Lieutenants
Catachan Captain / Primaris Psyker / Stormtrooper Sergeant / Catachan Heavy Weapons / Ogryns
Catachan Lascannon / Mordian Iron Guard Heavy Weapons / Cadian Heavy Weapons
Cadian Heavy Weapons / Tallarn Heavy Weapons / Valhallan Heavy Weapons
Stormtrooper Heavy Weapons / Commissar Yarrick / Captain Al'Rahem / Captain Chenkov
Roughriders of Attila
Leman Russ / Chimera
Chaos Marines
Marines with Heavy Weapons / Sorceror
Marine with Autocannon / Khorne Icon Bearer / Khorne Bezerker Champions / Decals
Dreadnought / Terminators / Plastic Marines
Juggernaut / Plastic Khorne Beserkers / Plague Marines
Plague Marines / Terminators
Plague Marines / Terminators
Nurgle Icon Bearer / Abaddon / Fabius Bile / Kharn the Betrayer / Ahriman
Warhammer 40,000 Box
Harlequins / Guardians with Lasguns
Guardians with Shuriken Catapaults / Guardians
Swooping Hawks / Dark Reapers
Avatar / War Walker
Dreadnought / Plastic Guardians
Dire Avengers / Fire Dragons
Striking Scorpions / Howling Banshees
Farseer with Guardian / Warlocks
Anti-Grav Weapons Platforms
Warp Spiders / Scouts
Eldard Ulthran / Karandras / Jain Zar
Asurmen / Fuegan / Maugan Ra / Baharroth
Wraithguard / Decals
Shrieker Jetbike / Jetbike
Space Orks
Goff Boyz / Blood Axe Boyz
Deathskull Boyz / Evil Sunz Boyz
Snakebite Boyz / Bad Moon Boyz
Bosses / Runts & Squigs
Weirdboyz / Runtherdz
Painboyz / Mekboyz
Warpheadz / Minderz / Gretchin with Autoguns
Dreadnought / Snakebite Boarboyz
Stormboyz Assault Squad / Plastic Orks / Plastic Gretchin
Close Assault Gretchin / Gretchin Assistants
Mad Boyz / Blood Axe Kommandos
Goff Skar Boyz / Stomrboyz / Freebooterz
Goff Nobz / Snakebite Nobz
Ork Heavy Weapons
Deathskull Lootas with Kustom Kombi-Weapons / Ghazghkull Thraka with Matari / Zodgrod Wortsnagga
Wartrack / Scorcher / Splatta Kannon / Puulsa Rokkit
Traktor Kannon / Smasha Gun / Squig Katapult
Orks in Mega-Armour / Decals
Buggy / Warbike
Genestealer Cult Hybrids / Genestealer Cult Magus / Termagants
Gargoyles / Biovore / Spore Mines / Hormagaunts
Carnifex / Lictor / Hive Tyrant
Plastic Termagants / Plastic Genestealers / Plastic Tyranids
Tyranid Warriors / Ripper Swarm
Tyranid Warriors
Tyranid Warrior with Barbed Strangler / Zoanthrope
Boxed Armies
Game Extras
Space Hulk
The Warhammer Hobby
Wood Elves
Glade Guard
Glade Guard
Glade Riders
Warhawk Riders
Glade Rider Command / Command
Mounted General / Mounted Mage / Wardancer Champion / Skaw, the Falconer
Transfers / Banners
Durthu / Plastic Archers
Forest Dragon
Orion / Ariel
Boxed Army / Army Book
High Elves
Command / White Lion Command
Hero / Mage Tethan / Phoenix Guard / Sword Masters
Shadow Warriors / White Lions / Archers
Spearmen / Repeating Bolt Thrower / Reaver Knights
Silver Helms / Fendar / Ardath / Eldroth / Banners
Dragon Princes / Tyrion / Teclis
Plastic Spearmen / Imrik, Lord of Dragons
War Griffon / Battle Chariots
Boxed Army / Army Book
Dark Elves
Corsairs / Swordsmen
Bolt Thrower / Command
Cold One Knights
Sorceror / Assasin / Black Guard
Witch Elves
Banners / Standards / Transfers
Plastic Warriors / The Beast Lord Rakarth
Boxed Army / Army Book
The Empire
Knights of the White Wolf
Knights Panther
Reiksguard Knights
Knights of the Blazing Sun
Spearmen / Swordsmen
Hand Gunners / Crossbowmen
Archers / Pistoliers
Outriders / Kislev Horse Archers
Kislev Horse Archer Command / Winged Lancers
Greatswords / Flagellants
Halfling Hot Pot / Jade Wizards / Amber Wizards
Bright Wizards / Celestial Wizards / Gold Wizards
Grey Wizards / Amethyst Wizards / Light Wizards
Mortar / Great Cannon / Helblaster
Transfers / The Ice Queen / The Emperor's Champion
Reiksmarshall / Supreme Patriarch / Elector Count of Middenheim / Elector Count of Hochland
Elector Count of Ostland / Elector Count of Averland
Plastic Halberdiers / War Wagon
Karl Franz on Deathclaw / Steam Tank
War Altar / Army Book
Front Cover
Longbeards / Hammerers
Ironbreakers / Miners
Bugman's / Slayers
Slayers with Additional Weapons / Command
Dragon Slayers / Daemon Slayers / Miner Command / Miner Champion Krudd
Bugamn's Command / Hammerer Command / Master Runesmith Grung / Skag, the Stealthy
Slayer Command / Gyrocopter / Drunks / Cannon
Organ Gun / Bolt Thrower / Thunderers
Spearmen / Clansmen with Double Handed Weapons / Banners / Lord Drong / Queen Helgar
King Kazador / Burlock Damminson / Ungrim Ironfist / Gotrek & Felix / Kragg the Grim / The White Dwarf / Joseph Bugman
Plastic Warriors / Anvil of Doom / Flame Cannon
Throne of Power / Army Book
Clanrats / Stormvermin
Gutter Runners
Plague Monks / Rat Swarm
Command / Stormvermin Command / Warpfire Thrower
Jezzail Team / Plague Censer Bearers
Poison Wind Globadiers / Asassins / Warlocks
Packmaster with Giant Rats / Rat Ogres
Plague Monk Command / Lord Skrolk / Warlord Queek / Ikit Claw
Deathmaster Snikch / Thanquol / Boneripper
Vermin Lord / Doomwheel / Plastic Skaven
Screaming Bell / Army Book
Orcs & Goblins
Orc Boyz
Orc Boyz with Halberds / Arrer Boyz / Crossbow Boyz
Bolt Thrower / Command / Shaman / Warlord
Savage Orc Boyz
Savage Orc Arrer Boyz
Savage Orc Command
Savage Orc Command / Savage Orc Shaman / Black Orcs
Black Orcs with Double Handed Weapons
Black Orc Command / Big 'Uns
Big 'Uns with Spears / Big 'Uns Command
Savage Orc Boar Boyz
Savage Orc Boar Boyz with Spears / Savage Orc Boar Boy Shaman / Boar Boyz
Orc Banners / Morglum Necksnapper / Gorfang Rotgut
Goblins / Goblins with Spears
Goblin Command
Forest Goblins
Forest Goblin Archers / Forest Goblin Command
Forest Goblins with Spears / Forest Goblin Shaman / Snotlings
Fanatics / Doom Divers / Snotling Pump Wagon
Net Teams / Squig Hunters with Squig
Squigs / Squig Hopper
Spider Riders
Wolf Riders
Night Goblins / Night Goblins with Spears
Night Goblins with Bows / Night Goblin Command
Night Goblins Shaman / River Trolls
Stone Trolls
Goblin Banners / Snarsnik & Gobbla
Plastic Orc Boyz / Azhag the Slaughterer
Plastic Black Orcs / Plastic Goblins / Rock Lobber
Grom's Chariot / Goblin Wolf Chariot
Giant / Boar Boy Box
Boxed Army / Army Book
Beastmen Command
Beastmen Shaman / Familiars
Warriors / Warriors with 2 Handed Weapons
Warriors with Halberds / Warrior Command
Sorcerors / Minotaurs
Minotaurs / Minotaurs with Additional Hand Weapons
Minotaur Lords
Champions of Khorne / Champions of Nurgle
Champions of Slaanesh
Champions of Tzeentch / Tzeentch Disc Riders
Flesh Hounds / Fiends of Slaanesh
Daemonettes of Slaanesh
Steeds of Slaanesh
Nurglings / Beast of Nurgle
Harpies / Dragon Ogres
Dragon Ogres
Flamers / Pink Horrors
Blue Horrors
Transfers / Scyla, Spawn of Chaos / Aekold Helbrass
Egrimm Van Horstman on Baudros
Plastic Warriors / Arbaal the Undefeated / Plastic Beastmen
Great Unclean One / Army Book
Skeleton Warriors / Skeleton Spearmen
Skeleton Warriors with Double Handed Weapons / Skeleton Archers
Screaming Skull Catapult / Cavalry / Mounted Necromancer
Carrion / Zombies
Zombie Command / Ghouls
Vampire / Liche / Necromancers
Ghosts / Wraiths
Wights / Mummies
Banners / Transfers
Heinrich Kemmler / Isabella Von Carstein / Vlad Von Carstein / Krell
Necromancer on Manticore / Arkhan the Black's Chariot
Nagash / Zombie Dragon
Plastic Skeleton Warriors / Plastic Skeleton Horsemen / Plastic Skeleton Chariot
Boxed Army / Army Book
Chaos Dwarfs
Warriors / Blunderbusses
Command / Heroes / Sorceror
Bull Centaurs
Bull Centaur Standard / Rocket Launcher
Hobgoblin Warriors
Hobgoblin Archers / Hobgoblin Command
Hobgoblin Command / Sneaky Gits
Hobgoblin Wolf Riders
Hobgoblin Wolf Rider Command / Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower / Astragoth
Lord on Great Taurus / Earthshaker
Plastic Warriors / Sorceror on Lammasu
Army Book
Knights Errant
Knights Errant Command / Knights of the Realm
Knights of the Realm Command
Grail Knights
Men-At-Arms with Spears
Men-At-Arms with Halberds
Bertrand the Brigand / Morgiana Le Fay / Army Book
Louen Leoncoeur / Grail Knights
Plastic Bowmen / The Green Knight / Plastic Knights
Skink Archers
Skink Javelins
Lizard Swarm / Snake Swarm / Saurus with Hand Weapons
Saurus Command
Kroxigor / Saurus with Spears
Temple Guard
Plastic Saurus / Plastic Skinks
Slann Mage Priest on Palanquin / Army Book
Treeman / Unicorn / Giant Spider / Cockatrice
War Eagles / Giant Scorpions
Customer Service
White Dwarf
Warhammer Magic / Grudge of Drong / Warhammer Quest
The Warhammer Game & Supplements
Back Cover

Miniatures and Catalog Images ©1997 Games Workshop
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