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1996 US Warhammer Catalog

Front Cover
Front Cover
Warhammer Range
The Warhammer Hobby
Wood Elves
8501A Wood Elf Warriors / 8501B Wood Elf Spearmen
8501c Wood Elf Archers
8503A Wardancers / 8503B Wardancers with Additional Hand Weapons
8503C Wardancers with Double Handed Weapons / 8504A Wood Elf Command
8504B Wood Elf Command / 8504C Wood Elf Wizards
High Elves
8505A High Elf Command
8505B High Elf Command / 8506A Phoenix Guard
0754 Plastic High Elves / 0527 High Elf Lord of Dragons
0822 High Elf War Griffon / 0825 High Elf Battle Chariot
8506N Sword Masters / 8506C Shadow Warriors / 8506D White Lions
8506E High Elf Archers
8506A High Elf Spearmen
8508A-C High Elf Reaver Knights
8508D-F High Elf Silver Helms
8508G-I High Elf Dragon Princes
0816 Reaver Knights Box / 0818 Silver Helms Box
0830 High Elf Pegasus / 0841 Dragon Princes Box
8583B High Elf Banners / 8599B Tyrion / 8599C Teclis
High Elf Army
Dark Elves
8510A Dark Elf Spearmen
8510B Dark Elf Crossbowmen / 8510C Black Ark Corsairs
8510D Dark Elf Swordsmen / 8510E Repeater Bolt Thrower
0795 Plastic Dark Elves / 0532 Morathi on Dark Pegasus
8511A-C Cold One Riders
0530 Cold One Riders Box / 0531 Rakarth
8512A,B Dark Elf Command / 8513A Black Guard of Naggaroth
8513B Witch Elves
8514A Dwarf Longbeards / 8514B Dwarf Hammerers
8514C Dwarf Ironbreakers / 8514D Dwarf Miners
0762 Plastic Dwarfs / 0840 Bugman's Brewers
8514E Dwarf Bugman's Rangers / 8515A Dwarf Slayers
8515B,C Dwarf Slayers
8516A Dwarf Command
8516B Dwarf Command / 8516C Dragon Slayers / 8516D Daemon Slayers
0836 Anvil of Doom / 0828 Throne of Power
8577A Dwarf Cannon / 8577B Dwarf Organ Gun / 8577C Dwarf Bolt Thrower
0837 Flame Cannon / 0842 Gyrocopter
8578A Dwarf Thunderers
8578B Dwarf Crossbowmen
8578C Dwarf Clansmen
8578D Dwarf Spearmen / 8578E Clansmen with Double Handed Weapons / 8583A Dwarf Banners
8599D-H King Kazador / Burlok Damminson / Ungrim Ironfist / Gotrek & Felix / Kragg the Grim
8517A Clanrats / 8517B Clanrats with Spears / 8517C Stormvermin
8517D Slaves / 8517E Slaves with Spears / 8517F Gutter Runners
8517G Plague Monks
0761 Plastic Skaven / 0839 Screaming Bell
8518A,B Skaven Command
0517 Doomwheel / 0516 Vermin Lord
8518C Warpfire Throwers / 8518D Jezzail Team / 8518 Poison Wind Globadiers
8528G Assassins / 8518H Warlocks / 8518I Pack Master with Giant Rats
8518J Rat Ogres / 8598I Lord Skrolk / 8598J Warlord Queek
8598K Ikit Claw / 8598L Deathmaster Snikch / 8598M Thanquol / 8598N Boneripper
8520A-C Chaos Knights
0525 Chaos Knights Box / 0782 Plastic Beastmen
8521A Beastmen
8521B,C Beastmen Command
8521D Beastmen Shaman / Familiars
8523A Chaos Warriors
8523A Chaos Warriors / 8523B Chaos Warriors with 2 Handed Weapons
8523C Chaos Warriors with Halberds / 8523D Chaos Warriors Command
8523E Chaos Warriors Command
8524A Chaos Sorcerors
8525A Minotaurs
8525A Minotaurs / 8525B Minotaur Lords
8527A Champions of Khorne
8527B Champions of Nurgle / 8527C Champions of Slaanesh
8527C Champions of Slaanesh
8527D Champions of Tzeentch / 8527E Tzeentch Disc Riders
8528A Greater Daemon of Khorne
8528B Greater Daemon of Nurgle
8528C Greater Daemon of Slaanesh
8528D Greater Daemon of Tzeentch
0529 Arbaal the Undefeated / 0787 Plastic Chaos Warriors
8529A Bloodletters / 8529B Flesh Hounds
8533A Fiends of Slaanesh / 8533B Daemonettes
8533C Steeds of Slaanesh
8536A Plaguebearers / 8536B Nurglings
8536C Beast of Nurgle / 8537A Centaurs
8537B Harpies / 8537C Chaos Hounds / 8537D Dragon Ogres
8537D Dragon Ogres / 8540A Flamers of Tzeentch
8540B Pink Horrors / 8540C Blue Horrors
8540C Blue Horrors / 8583G Chaos Decals / 8598O Scyla / 8598P Aekold Helbrass
Orcs & Goblins
8541A Orc Boyz
8541B Orc Boyz with Halberds / 8541C Arrer Boyz / 8541D Crossboy Boyz
8541E Orc Bolt Thrower / 8541F Orc Command
8541G,H Orc Command
8542A Savage Orc Boyz
8542B Savage Orc Arrer Boyz
8542C, D Savage Orc Command
8542E Savage Orc Shaman / 8544A Black Orcs with 2 Weapons
8544B Black Orcs with 2 Handed Weapons / 8544C, D Black Orc Command
0755 Plastic Goblins / 0796 Plastic Black Orcs
8544E Big 'Uns / 8544F Big 'Uns with Spears
0760 Plastic Orcs / 0528 Azhag the Slaughterer
8545A-D Savage Orc Boar Boyz
8583D Orc banners / 8598B Morglum Necksnapper / 8598C Gorfang Rotgut
Warhammer 3rd Edition Box
8547A Goblins / 8547B Goblin Archers
8547C Goblin Spearmen / 8547D Goblin Command
8547E Forest Goblins / 8547F Forest Goblin Archers
8547G Forest Goblin Spearmen / 8547H Forest Goblin Command
8547I Forest Goblin Shaman / 8547J Snotlings
8548A Fanatics
0831 Goblin Wolf Riders Box / 0824 Orc War Wyvern
8548B Doom Divers / 8549A Net Teams / 8549B Squig Hunters & Squig
8549C Cave Squigs / 8549D Squig Hoppers
8550A-C Goblin Spider Riders
8550D-I Goblin Wolf Riders
0823 Rock lobber / 0844 Grom's Chariot
8552A Night Goblins / 8552B Night Goblins with Spears
8552C Night Goblins with Bows / 8552D Night Goblin Command
8552E Night Goblins Shaman / 8573A River Trolls
8573B Stone Trolls
8583C Goblin Banners / 8598A Skarsnik & Gobbla
0829 Giant
8519A Ogres
The Empire
8556A-C Knights of the White Wolf
0814 Knights of the White Wolf Box / 0826 Imperial Pegasus
8556D-F Knights Panther
0815 Knights Panther Box / 0817 Imperial War Altar
8556G-I Reiksguard Knights
8556J-K Knights of the Blazing Sun
8558A, B Empire Infantry Command
8558C Empire Spearmen / 8558D Empire Swordsmen
8558C Empire Halberdiers
8559A Empire Hand Gunners / 8559B Empire Crossbowmen
8559C Empire Archers
8560A Pistoliers / 8560B, C Outriders
8560D-G Kislev Horse Archers
8560H-K Kislev Winged Lancers
0812 Steam Tank / 0820 Heroes of the Empire Box
8561A-C Reiksguard
8561D Greatswords /. 8561E Flagellants
0759 Plastic Halberdiers / 0811 War Wagon
8562A-C Halflings
8562C Halfling Hot Pot / 8563A, B Jade Wizard / 8563C, D Amber Wizard
8563E, F Bright Wizard / 8563G, H Celestial Wizard / 8563I, J Gold Wizard
8563K, L Grey Wizard / 8563M, N Amethyst Wizard / 8563O-Q Light Wizard & Acolytes
8576A Mortar / 8576G Great Cannon / 8576C Helblaster
0821 Elector Counts Box / 0835 Karl Franz on Deathclaw
8583F Empire Decals / 8599A The Ice Queen
8569A Skeleton Warriors / 8569B Skeleton Spears
8569C Skeletons with 2 Handed Weapons / 8569D Skeleton Archers
8569E Skeleton Command / 8569F Screaming Skull Catapult
8570A-C Undead Cavalry / 8570D Mounted Necromancer
0779 Plastic Skeleton Warriors / 0780 Plastic Skeleton Horsemen / 0781 Plastic Skeleton Chariot
8570E Carrion / 8571A Zombies
8571b Zombie Command / 8571C Ghouls
0518 Necromancer on Manticore / 0519 Arkhan the Black
8572A Vampire / 8572B Necromancers / 8572C Liche
0523 Nagash / 0524 Zombie Dragon
8572D Wights / 8572E Mummies
8572F Ghosts / 8572G Wraiths
8583E Undead Banners / 8598D Heinrich Kemmler / 8598G Krell
8598E Isabella Von Carstein / 8598F Vlad Von Carstein
Undead Army
8574A-F Treeman / Giant Eagle / Unicorn / Giant Spider / Giant Scorpion / Cockatrice
Chaos Dwarfs
8580A Chaos Dwarf Warriors / 8580B Chaos Dwarf Blunderbusses
0788 Plastic Chaos Dwarfs / 0833 Lord on Great Taurus
8580C-F Chaos Dwarf Command
8590G Bull Centaurs
0834 Earthshaker / 0838 Sorceror on Lammasu
8580I Death Rocket / 8598 Astragoth / 8580K Bull Centaur Standard
8581A Hobgoblin Warriors / 8581B Hobgoblin Archers
8581C, D Hobgoblin Command / 8581E Sneaky Gits
8581F, G Hobgoblin Wolf Riders
8581H-J Hobgoblin Wolf Rider Command / 8581K Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower
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