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C46 Townsfolk & Villagers - Flyers

The C46 Villagers and Townfolk featured on flyers from July 1985 through a final appearance on the Easter 1989 sale flyer.

C46 Villagers & Townsfolk - July 1985 Flyer

The first release of 25 Villagers from July 1985.


C46 Townsfolk - Autumn 1985 Citadel Journal

15 of the 25 Villagers previously shown on the July 1985 flyer.


C46 Townsfolk & Villagers - Compendium 3

The second batch of 15 Villagers


C46 Villagers - November 1985 Flyer

The full 26 pieces from the second release of C46 Villagers, 15 were shown in Compendium 3.


C46 Villagers & Townsfolk - 1987 Summer Flyer

A set of 27 Villagers released on the July 1867 Summer 1987 flyer. A lot of them appear in the WHFRP scenario sets for Death on the Reik and Shadows over Bogenhafen.


C46 Travelling Players - October 1987 Flyer

This shows 25 Players, also including the Lute Hero, Flake and the Loudmouth


C46 Travelling Players - WD 96 (Dec 87)

This shows 22 Players, excluding the Lute Hero, Flake and the Loudmouth. They were probably not painted up in time.


C46 Townsfolk - WD 99 (Mar 88)

The final set of 35 Townsfolk were released in March 1988. They are all marked GW 1987.

There are similarities between some of this group and the Travelling Players, e.g. the Drummers, Basket Maid/Fruit Seller and the Gate-Keeper/Loudmouth. This Drummer has a longer beard and eye-patch, the Fruit Seller has a straw hat. The set was done by at least 2 sculptors, some are in the earlier c46 style and others (Priest, Gentleman) are in a different style altogether.


C46 Townsfolk - March 1998 Flyer

No names, just numbers!


C46 Townsfolk & Villagers - Easter 1989 Mail Order Flyer

The final appearance as Townsfolk and Villagers, some resurfaced in the Baggage Trains or Fantasy Adventurers sets.


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