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Citadel Releases - White Dwarf 84

LOTR: ME51 Orcs of the Red Eye; ME72 Deadmen of Dunharrow / LE16 Sanity Claws / C18 Night Horrors / 2000AD: JD4 Brit Cit & Riot Judges; JD17 Brit Cit Judge on Bike / AD&D: ADD16 Elf Magic-User; ADD41 Lawful Fighters

Citadel Releases - White Dwarf 84 LOTR: ME72 Deadmen of Dunharrow - White Dwarf 84 LE16 Sanity Claws - White Dwarf 84 2000 AD - White Dwarf 84 C18 Night Horrors - White Dwarf 84 AD&D - White Dwarf 84

Images and Miniatures ©Games Workshop
Scans courtesy of Tony Mansfield, Steve Casey, Orclord and Others
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