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White Dwarf 83

D5 Imperial Dwarfs / Paranoia: Para1 Guards; Para2 Troubleshooters; Para3 Robots / LOTR: ME2 Fellowship Heroes; ME51 Orcs of the Red Eye; ME72 Deadmen of Dunharrow / AD&D: ADD16 Elf Magic-User; ADD41 Lawful Fighters; ADD64 Troglodytes; ADD79 Mind Flayers / C18 Night Horrors / LE14 Oxy O'Cetylene / 2000 AD: JD4 Mega-City One Judges / C29 Young Fire Dragon / C15 Orc Villagers

White Dwarf 83 ../198610/fly8610r-D5ImperialDwarfs Lord of the Rings - White Dwarf 83 AD&D - White Dwarf 83 ../198610/fly8610r-Para1GuardsPara2TroublePara3Robots ../198610/fly8610r-LE14TinmanOxy 2000 AD: JD4 Mega-City One Judges - November 1986 Flyer C29 Young Fire Dragon - November 1986 Flyer C15 Orc Villagers - November 1986 Flyer C18 Night Horrors - November 1986 Flyer

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