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July 1986 Flyer

Judge Dredd: JD3 Muties; JD13 Sky Surfers / Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: ADD15 Evil Fighter / Star Trek: ST04 Romulan Bird of Prey / Oriental Heroes: OH3 Ronin / Gothic Horror: CC1 Gothic Horror

July 1986 Flyer 2000 AD: JD3 Muties / JD13 Sky Surfers - July 1986 Flyer AD&D: ADD15 Evil Fighters - July 1986 Flyer Star Trek: ST4 Romulan Bird of Prey - July 1986 Flyer Oriental Heroes: OH3 Ronin - July 1986 Flyer CC1 Gothic Horror - July 1986 Flyer

Images and Miniatures ©Games Workshop
Scans courtesy of Tony Mansfield, Steve Casey, Orclord and Others
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