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N11 Black Orcs

One of the ranges that were initially ex-Chronicle sculpts, in this case CM21 Orcs, they were quite small models. They were later replaced by larger slotta-based versions. The May 1985 Flyer shows 15 models, both the Autumn 1985 Journal and Compendium 3 only have 10. Champion, Sword, Archer, Masher and Warlord didn't make the cut.

N11 Giant Black Orcs - Compendium 2

Much smaller than the later slotta based versions, these were originally Chronicle CM21 Orcs.


N11 Giant Black Orcs - May 1985 Flyer

The May 1985 Flyer showing 15 models


N11 Giant Black Orcs - Autumn 1985 Citadel Journal

Only 10 shown


N11 Giant Black Orcs - Compendium 3

Same contents as the 1985 Autumn Journal picture


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