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Chronicle CT - Anti Types

CT1 - Hag
CT2 - The Grim Reaper
CT3 - Ruffian with Dagger
CT3A - Ruffian with Club
CT38 - Ruffian Gang Leader
CT3C - Ruffian with Two Daggers
CT3D - Ruffian with Broken Bottle
CT4 - Ruffian with Sword
CT5 - Brigand with Sword and Shield
CT6 - Insane Illusionist
CT7 - Evil Dwarf with two-handed spiked mace
CT8 - Dark Elf Fighter/Thief
CT9 - Evil Human Fighter
CT10 - Evil Cleric
CT11 - Evil Armoured Fighter
CT12 - Slaver
CT13 - Evil Wizard

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