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One of the showpieces of every manufacturers range, everybody has to do a dragon!
This a very incomplete list, send me others and I'll add them!

Archive Miniatures

501 Imperial Dragon
645 Baby Dragon

Asgard Miniatures

Fantasy Monsters
FM5 Dragon
FM48 Dragonet
FM64 Land Dragon & Lizardman
Dragons / Great Lizards
ASD1 Great Emerald Dragon
ASD2 Horned Dragon Beast
ASD3 Dreaded Snark Dragon
ASD4 Giant Hunting Lizard
Dragon Lizards
D1 Lesser Dragon Lizard with sword & mace
D2 Dragon Lizard with lance
D3 Dragon Lizard with sword & mace
D4 Dragon Lizard with axe & mace
D5 Macetalled Dragon Lizard
D6 Juggernaut
D7 Dragon Lizard mount with Human Knight

Citadel Miniatures

Fiend Factory
FF33-1 Emperor Dragon
FF33-2 Great Fire Dragon
FF55 Young Dragon
FF61-2 Black Dragon
Fantasy Tribe Dragons
DRG1 Red Dragon
DRG2 Green Dragon
DRG3 Ice Dragon
DRG4 Golden Dragon
The Citadel Imperial Dragon
Tony Ackland's Arcane Monstosities
TA6 - Emperor Dragon
C11 - Dragons
Red Dragon
Fire Dragon
Gold Dragon
Ice Dragon
Unknown Dragon
Nick Bibby
NB1 - The Great Spined Dragon
NB2 - Kegox - The Kevin Peat Dragon
Citadel Dragons
DRAG1 Zombie Dragon
DRAG2 Blue Dragon & Sorceress
DRAG3 Green Dragon & Dwarf
DRAG4 Great Fire Dragon & Knight
DRAG5 Great Imperial Dragon
DRAG6 Orc War Wyvern
DRAG7 Dragon Masters
DS1 - Lava Dragon
DS3 - Horned Dragon
DS4 - Rock Dragon
DS5 - Young Forest Dragon
DS6 - Serpentine Dragon
DS7 - Young Fire Dragon
DS8 - Nightmare Dragon
- Green Dragon
- Red Dragon
Tom Meier Dragons (also produced by Ral Partha)
DG1 - Oriental Dragon
DG2 - Red Dragon
DG3 - Blue Dragon
DG4 - Black Dragon
DG5 - Fire Dragon
DG6 - Zombie Dragon
DG7 - Green Dragon

Der Kriegspieler

Great Dragon


D76 Dragon
D78 Winged Firedrake
D79 Large Dragon
D80 Dragon - Small Dragon
D81 Christmas Dragon


Dragon of the Month - Series 1
2501 Black Dragon
2502 Red Dragon
2503 White Dragon
2504 Brass Dragon
2505 Green Dragon
2506 Silver Dragon
2507 Blue Dragon
2508 Copper Dragon
2509 Bronze Dragon
2510 Gold Dragon
2511 Platinum Dragon
2512 Spectral Dragon
xxxx The Dragon Rider
Dragon of the Month - Series 2
2513 Sea Dragon
2514 Dragonlisk
2515 Iron Dragon
2516 Chaos Dragon
2517 Shire Dragon
2518 Swamp Dragon
2519 Frost Dragon
2520 Wyvern Dragon
2521 Wind Dragon
2522 Elven Dragon
2523 Storm Dragon
2524 Guardian Dragon
Dragon Lords
Dragon of the Month - Series 3
9601 Black Dragon II
9602 Red Dragon II
9603 White Dragon II
9604 Brass Dragon II
9605 Green Dragon II
9606 Silver Dragon II
9607 Blue Dragon II
9608 Copper Dragon II
9609 Bronze Dragon II
9610 Gold Dragon II
9611 Platinum Dragon II
9612 Spectral Dragon II
Julie Guthries Dragons
9901 Green Dragon I
9902 Red Dragon I
9903 Dragon on Treasure I
9904 Skeletal Dragon I
9905 Chaos War Dragon I
9906 Golden War Dragon I
9907 Black Dragon I
9908 White Ice Dragon I
9909 Blue Dragon I
9910 Fire Dragon I
9911 Hydra Dragon I
9912 Armored Dragon I
William Watt's Dragons
2901 Treasure Dragon
2902 Wyvern
9703 Eastern Dragon
9704 Feathered Serpent Dragon
9705 Western Dragon
Fantasy Classics
324 Pond Dragon
325 Marsh Dragon
329 Old World Dragon
330 Cliff Dragon
337 White Wyrm
339 Black Drake
340 Guard Dragon
Special Editions
2525 Teronus, the Ultimate Dragon
2526 Oriental Dragon
2527 Invisible Dragon
2529 Shadow Dragon
2534 Huge Black Dragon
Masterpiece Editions
5502 Death Dragon
Wizards and Warriors
W38 Red Dragon
W39 Blue Dragon
Special #1 Giant Dragon
Fantasy Lords
128 St. George and the Dragon
163 Black Drake
6001 Dragon of the Emerald Idol
Advanced Dungeons and Dragons
5005 Dragonís Lair
Warlords (15mm)
1826 War Dragon
Dragon Lords (6mm)
5701 Red Dragon with Cloud Knight
5702 Emerald Dragon with Cloud Knight
5703 Blue Dragons
5704 Black Dragons
5705 Brass Dragons
5706 Purple Dragons
5708 Gold Dragons
5709 Iron Dragons
5710 Copper Dragons
5711 White Dragons
5712 Jade Dragons
5713 Ruby Dragons
5714 Diamond Dragons
5715 Dragon on Treasure Hoard
5716 Sapphire Dragons
5717 Platinum Dragons
5718 Two-Headed Dragons
5719 Undead Skeleton Dragons
5722 Dragon Nest
5723 Spectral Dragons
5724 Armored Dragons with Wind Warriors


Dungeon Dwellers
1101 Silver Dragon
1102 Blue Dragon
1104 Gold Dragon
1105 Baby Dragons
1106 Green Dragon
1107 Oriental Dragon


Mythical Earth
Aureola Rococo
ARM Dragon

Ral Partha

01-034 Land Dragon w Captain/Lancer (2 versions)
01-068 Dragon
01-072 Cold Drake (Dragon)
01-083 War Dragon with Knight
01-094 The Golden Dragon
01-129 Celestial Dragon
01-138 Black Dragon
01-139 Blue Dragon
01-140 Undead Dragon
01-146 Forest Dragon
01-151 Sea Dragon
Children of the Night
13-001 Small Cold Drake
13-025 Royal Dragon
13-027 Great Dragon
13-033 Giant Doom Wurm
13-046 Oriental Dragon
Advanced Dragons and Dungeons
11-428 Young Dragon of Krynn
11-482 White Dragon
20-589 Lofwyr (Large Dragon)

Superior Models

FA-36 Puff, The Dragon
FA-45 Fafnir, The Dragon
FA-49 Tiamat, The Dragon
Wizards and Lizards
WL-05 Dragon#1
WL-33 Dragon #2, attacking
WL-35 Dragon #3, crouching WL
WL-46 Dragon Baby (1)
WL-39 Dragon #4 Large
WL-55 Puff, the Dragon
WL-56 Fafnir, a Great Dragon
WL-57 Tiamat, a Great Dragon
WL-70 Dragon #6
WL-100 Wizard riding Dragon
WL-101 Dragon (from WL-100)
WL-108 Dragon Sitting on cave
WL-120 Sea Dragon
WL-137 Dragon h/crystal ball on treasure
WL-145 Dragon on Rock, snarling
WL-152 Dragon on rock, 4" w/crystals
WL-153 Dragon on rock, 5" w/crystals
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